If asked about their point of focus, most companies in the integration space would talk about the products that they sell, the technologies they integrate, or the technology outcomes clients are looking for. But today, with so many companies selling nearly identical products lines and offering the same service deliverables, it’s hard not to get lost in the crowd. What is it that makes a company truly stand out? The answer lies in raising the bar of customer service higher than the competition’s.

Instead of just focusing on technology, these companies are focused on creating a better customer experience. Exceptional service is the differentiator when it comes to client satisfaction, peace of mind, and better business outcomes. According to Bain & Co., a customer is 4X more apt to switching allegiance to a competitor if the problem they’d had with an organization is service related vs. price or product related.

So, how do you win at the Point of Service?

Customer service is really the art and science of creating totally satisfied customers. When customers walk into a business for the first time, they almost always come with certain expectations. The level of service a company offers to them directly impacts their perception of how well their expectations were met. If satisfied, they’d come back anticipating another positive experience. Service, however, should not be employed solely as a means to create a first impression; rather it should be a consistent business practice that gives existing customers a strong incentive to stay. Here are some tips to reach and maintain high levels of customer service:

Develop faster response time. No one likes to wait. Especially when they are unhappy and seeking resolution of an isssue. The longer you keep them […]