The age of portable information is most certainly upon us. Smart phones, digital tablets, and video displays are presenting timely and frequently updated content to us in a variety of shapes and sizes. Not since the dawn of the printing press or the invention of the radio has the world seen a more convenient way of presenting data in a portable format.

In order to keep up with the digital preferences of their audience, media outlets are changing the way they deliver content. On February 10, Yahoo announced a new digital newsstand designed for tablet devices and cell phones. Calling the service “Livestand”, Yahoo will send customized data to users “based on a variety of factors, including their interests, their location and the time of day, and will draw from Yahoo properties like Sports, News, Finance, OMG and Flickr.”

Yahoo attributes the move to the rapidly growing tablet audience, stating that “Apple sold nearly 15 million iPads in just eight months last year and research firm Gartner Inc. expects 55 million tablets to be shipped by the end of this year… With so many people embracing tablets, Yahoo is confident advertisers will be eager to pour more money into marketing campaigns tailored for the device.”

But certainly a portable device should do more than just replicate magazines and books. With that in mind, Yahoo is seeking to engage readers with more interactive content than is presently available for portable devices. The company is also working with a number of other publishers to provide additional content beyond the Yahoo platform.

From the look of it, Livestand will do far more than deliver the newspaper to your front step. Its personalization process is also focused and time of day and […]