Here at Advanced AV, we are dedicated to giving our customers what they need and want. To better serve you, we are doing a total revamp of our website. We know what our customers want: More interactive and visual content on our webpage. This includes Slideshare presentations, infographics, and videos. We want to share the reasons behind our decision to make these changes. If you are running a business website, reading this article might just convince you to do the same. Join us as we let you in on the benefits of building a more interactive website.

Why We Know It Matters

Content is now king. When it comes to helping your customers easily find you and learn about your business and your products, you just must have interactive and visual content. Why? This sort of content can quickly and easily deliver helpful information to potential customers. Also, having interactive and visual content helps a webpage rank higher in search page ranking. Therefore, more people are likely to land on your website instead of your competitors’ sites. An interactive website is part of the new wave of SEO.

Presenting Content on Slideshare

Slideshare is a great tool. Using a presentation-like platform, you can easily tell customers about your business, products, research, and sales pitch. You can include tables, graphs, charts, images, lists, and much more, and customers can scroll through the slides at their own pace. Providing interesting and interactive content allows customers educate themselves about the products and services that interest them on their own time. Also, Slideshare allows employees and sales agents to present directly from your site, helping a pitch in a snap.

New Infographics

Infographics are a fantastic way to creatively illustrate complicated statistics, research, and other […]