Project management is a coveted position. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to break into this career path. Irrespective of whether it is an IT, AV, or UC project, managers always have the most challenging roles to play. So how do you secure a project management job?

Get Your Basics Right

The best way to start is to learn from scratch. Learning hands-on skills from the projects you are on is always a good idea. A PM’s primary role is to manage, coordinate, and monitor the activities of resources and their use of the tools and technology. In scenarios where you are not formally the PM, there is nothing that prevents you from being proactive, and taking on the task yourself. By doing so, you get to understand the nuances of managing resources—but make sure to make copious notes of everything you’re learning—as these notes can help you determine whether or not project management is right for you. Here are some of the things a great project manager does every day:

Prepares requirements documents outlining the scope of work.
Scheduling, defining milestones, and formalizing a plan of action.
Arranges a kick-off meeting, and ensures the right players are invited and in attendance.
Prepares status reports.
Organizes the project closure meeting.
Conducts debriefings on the overall project experience, and analyses what can be learned.
Prepares a MOM of the debriefing session and circulates throughout the team.
Archives all documents and files.

Once you do this for a couple of projects, you will develop a deep understanding of a PM’s profile. This prepares you for subsequent interview sessions for your dream job.

Looking Beyond IT Project Management

Project managers are in high demand in industries like AV, UC, and video communications. But given the current AV/IT convergence/evolution, where AV/IT are […]