Branding your businesses fleet of vehicles, no matter their number, is one of the most effective ways of promoting your business. It becomes even more effective if you graduate to on-vehicle digital signage. Adding digital signage to your vehicle fleet greatly enhances your efforts to improve brand recognition and recall, helps you gain eyeballs for your brand messaging, and broadens your overall advertising campaign strategy.

Leverage the Benefits of Vehicle-Based Advertising and Digital Signage

Literal mobile marketing. The concept of advertising on vehicles has been around for decades. Over the last few years, the trend of using of vinyl wraps allowed companies to turn vehicles into a literal mobile marketing strategy. Studies have shown that roadside digital billboards have a huge impact on consumer engagement and message retention. And the same possibilities are being explored today as more and more organizations add on-vehicle digital branding to their marketing campaigns.

The latest digital technology. Vehicle-mounted digital signage offers many of the advantages of place-based digital signage. Unlike static vehicle branding, the branding possibilities with on-vehicle digital signage are endless. From videos, to interactive screens, to geolocation technology, companies are now incorporating a wide range of new technologies into their vehicle branding strategies, resulting in more creative and eye-catching campaigns.

Local advertising opportunities. Digital signage on business trucks and cars is also a powerful “local advertising” option. The visual graphics and eye-catching motion of digital signage allow potential customers to recall the brand or website that you are promoting, even at a later stage.

Like any technology, its usage isn’t foolproof. Vehicle based digital signage should be continually updated and monitored in order to be effective, and the content you create should be of the highest quality, as well as visually […]