Over the past several years, enterprise video solutions have not only evolved, but have also witnessed incredible changes in the way they are adopted. According to The Top 10 E-Learning Statistics for 2014 You Need to Know, nearly 41.7% of global Fortune 500 companies apply some kind of technology to help provide employees with more organized learning sessions, and it is expected that the figure will rise steadily in future.

While training videos have been around for almost a decade, today’s adaptation is different on many levels.  In the past, organizations used DVDs and video home systems (VHS) to train their workforce without considering the security risks to critical data. However, today’s advanced video conferencing technologies ensure secure sharing of data.  This means increased levels of productivity without potential risk factors.

Advantage of Training Videos lies in Making them On-Demand

Today, training via videos offers extreme flexibility, allowing you and your employees to use them in a plethora of different ways. For instance, you can host live training sessions, stream them via the Internet, burn them onto a DVD, copy and paste them onto USB sticks, embed them in Power Point presentations, or email them to anyone who needs them. However, the most pronounced benefit of training videos today lies in how they can be adapted to the on-demand world.

On-demand video creates convenience at the right time. Today with air-tight corporate schedules, aggressive targets, and deadlines, employees are always hard-pressed for time. Often, training and meeting sessions turn out to be time-guzzlers, while managers run into various limitations while planning to train their teams.  This type of training is not only expensive, tiring, and time consuming, but it is also significantly counter-productive. With on-demand training videos, employees […]