For B2B businesses, time is money, and deploying the right tech for your business can mean more of both. Time wasted doing tasks better left to advanced applications means time lost nurturing leads and closing deals. Investing in web conferencing tools can change that, leaving you time and resources to better run your business – and generate higher sales while doing it.

Distinguish Video from Web Conferencing

By now, most B2B businesses understand how video conferencing can provide more employee mobility and better communication, but incorporating web conferencing not only allows better communication among employees, it can significantly improve sales.

In a web conference, users share content through the Internet, generally using audio and visual effects; its purpose isn’t peer-to-peer interactions, which are crucial for B2C companies. Think of it this way: A video conference allows you to look someone in the eye; a web conference lets you look through the same eye at the same content – a powerful tool if used well.

Web Conferencing to Boost Sales

Web conferencing involves screen sharing and co-browsing platforms, both of which facilitate better engagement – and better engagement organically leads to higher revenues. Screen sharing allows an observer to keep tabs on multiple screens at once, letting users see each other’s actions in real-time. Co-browsing – another element of web conferencing – enables teams to navigate the Internet at the same time, showing multiple individuals the same screen as they research. Use of co-browsing increases collaboration among teams, and there is no room for miscommunications relative to websites. Both of these functions mean better clarity and a shortened sales funnel.

Investing in technology that will lead to better quality leads means stronger sales. In fact, early tech adopters have a 50 percent […]