Advanced AV recently announced that Director of Engineering and Technical Training Travis Lisk is co-teaching the CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) Prep course (GEN112) for the Institute for Professional Development at InfoComm 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The three day course runs June 5 to 7, 2010 and is open to InfoComm members and non-members who are preparing to take the CTS exam.

Lisk, who joined Advanced AV in 1998, is an adjunct faculty member with InfoComm. He brings a unique perspective to the journey of earning a CTS certification. He began his career as an AV installer in the field and steadily worked his way up through the ranks of the company, from service coordinator offering tech support to field engineer conducting onsite design and eventually to quality assurance manager and then director of engineering. “It wasn’t mandatory that I get my CTS certification, but I’ve always been someone who wants to learn more about AV best practices,” says Lisk, who earned his CTS designation when he was a field technician.

Later, Lisk attended Install School Onsite at InfoComm where he passed the exam to earn his CTS-I certification. He was the first person at Advanced AV to earn this higher level of certification. “The CTS certification process is important,” he adds. “Earning a CTS designation opens the door to get more advanced certifications. It means you have proven that you understand and that you practice industry standards.”

Today, Advanced AV has 55 CTS certified AV professionals on staff and is licensed by InfoComm to teach CTS Prep courses to the industry. “Having CTS certified people on staff helps companies to establish a good reputation and the CTS Prep course is vital part of the preparation for the exam,” says Lisk. “Achieving CTS certification shows you are dedicated to the AV industry and that you understand basic concepts and practices in AV.”

People who are taking the CTS Prep course at InfoComm can expect to learn the concepts of AV beyond just equipment choices. Lisk along with InfoComm staff instructors Nelson Baumgratz, CTS-D, and Rod Brown, CTS-D, will provide a thorough overview of the AV business. “People who take the course will learn how to create a quality scope of work, the steps to implement a system, how to recognize the proper scheduling and construction documentation, as well as specific technology details like connectors and cabling,” explains Lisk.

The CTS Prep course (GEN112) does not have pre-requisites but Lisk suggests that people attending the class go online and use the self-assessment tools on the InfoComm site ( prior to June 5. “Half of the class agenda is breakout sessions where class participants are working in their choice of topics. Using the self-assessment tools will help them choose which topics interest them most,” adds Lisk.

It is also recommended, but not required, that CTS Prep class participants take the “Essentials of the AV Industry” course (GEN111).