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2012 Main Line Gives Back Awards

by Mel Dittrich Martin

Over the years, many companies have carried the torch for community enlightenment though volunteerism and fund raising efforts with a basic understanding that true fulfillment comes in the form of service to others. Paul Newman summed it up elegantly when he said “I respect generosity in people, and I respect it in companies too. I don’t look at it as philanthropy; I see it as an investment in the community.”

My company has such a corporate culture. The same passion brought to every professional project we undertake is also equally present when we unite to help the community. I have been blessed in a career in broadcasting and AV for more than two decades and have seen all forms of generosity, but what my peers at Advanced project on a consistent basis makes me grateful to be part of a group that demonstrates such benevolence. Both divisions: Systems Integrations and Staging support the other with a shameless display of solidarity.

2011 was a year no different from any other altruistic year for the Advanced team.

These are merely the highlights for 2011. We donate both in-kind services and cash to many more local non-profits, but in smaller amounts. However, Aesop got it right: No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.


And the winners are:

Special Recognition Awards…

United Way Regional Impact Award

Independence Blue Cross

Chairman’s Award

Stephen J. Diorio, Clu, Chfc, State Farm

About The Awards:

The Main Line Gives Back Awards Were Created To Honor Companies’ Efforts To Enhance The Community, Through Support For Nonprofits And Other.