Will the Latest Collaboration Technology Render Email Obsolete?Imagining a workplace without email seems downright impossible. For almost three decades, email has been the top method of communication between employees, business owners, customers, and clients. This gives us hundreds of messages, cc’s, forwarded information, and shared content—all in the course of one typical day.

But the technological realm is evolving toward newer modes of communication, capable of exceeding current standards of internal communication without wasting worker time or energy. In fact, the latest collaboration technologies could overtake email in terms of efficiency, usability, and productivity.

Eliminate Traditional Email Inefficiencies

In 2015, 122 business emails were sent and received per user per day. This figure continues to grow and is expected to average 126 messages by the end of 2019.

So it’s clear that email will never completely go away. Rather, modern businesses need to focus on making the process more efficient. Sifting through inboxes, scanning messages you’re cc’d on, searching emails to retrieve lost information, and organizing correspondence into electronic folders is a major time sink.

Moreover, accidentally replying to mass emails can result in data breaches or confusion, and the only way to create and share content is inefficient through this platform: Saving, altering, and uploading documents, attaching them to emails, and sending them to coworkers is a risky process. Recipients may not see the message and attachments immediately, and even if they do, they may misinterpret what needs correcting. Indeed, the current email system drains employee time—and if these issues aren’t corrected, new technology will take its top spot.

Explore Alternatives to Email

In fact, new technologies are already responding to these problems and making entrepreneurs question why we so heavily rely on email. For example, new cloud platforms for communication not only streamline these processes; they encourage it. Social collaboration software also changes the way a business handles internal communication. Cloud platforms save personnel from cluttered inboxes and clunky instant messaging, enabling instantaneous, clear, and articulate collaboration.

Furthermore, social collaboration uses the cloud to store, access, and distribute shared documents. It also uses tools like virtual whiteboards and collaboration apps to enhance user experiences and encourage productive teamwork. Users can create their own wikis and blogs, opening multichannel access to employee questions and promoting multiuser involvement.

Researching the different options available for collaboration opens the door to efficient communication and cuts the time we waste sorting through inboxes and deleting emails. Chatting applications, for instance, mean better communication, which directly increases productivity. In a remote virtual meeting, teams spend more time speaking and sharing and less time waiting for a coworker to type a reply. There is also greater opportunity to lead video driven visual presentations and engage with a team through the interpersonal communication that can only happen when people speak face to face—even if it’s still virtual.

Stay Updated With Modern Communication

Email will never become completely obsolete, but newer and easier-to-use workplace collaboration technologies will certainly supplement it. Advances in cloud systems will soon lead to a comprehensive enterprise collaboration tool aimed at preventing unnecessary time traps and promoting quick and effective multichannel communication. The addition of video and audio in daily business dealings also threatens email’s reign as the king of correspondence.

As more and more companies embrace the benefits of video sharing, employee mobility, virtual collaboration, and cloud-based video conferencing, we can expect to see even more streamlined collaboration tools and better communication in the future.

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photo credit: Making Your Email Marketing Campaign Help You via photopin (license)