why-your-school-needs-a-systems-integratorEducators today have a full plate, made over-full, perhaps, by the increase usage of education technology in the classroom. Education technology has many moving parts, from hardware like Chromebooks and iPads to software and applications. Staying on top of all of it, and of its upgrades and download, can feel overwhelming, which is why your school needs a systems integrator. A systems integrator will streamline your processes and manage all aspects of your IT, enabling your teachers to dedicate their time to what they do best.

Create Smooth Technology Workflows

Technology has completely changed the way we think and work. When we integrate it into the curriculum successfully, we improve the learning process. We know that the right technology improves performance outcomes and helps teachers by allowing students to become creators in their learning—they’re no longer just consumers of content.

Tech solutions in the classroom also teach students valuable 21st-century skills, from personal and social responsibility to knowing how to identify which software or hardware is best to complete a task. We stand to gain a lot from tech, but only when we use it effectively.

In some cases, tech workflows are simple. For example, one student may take notes on a computer and share with another student. Others solutions are complex: A teacher’s capture and re-sharing of images from digital microscopes to students’ iPads through mobile apps so the students can annotate and capture images for future use.

In these scenarios, smooth technology workflows are paramount. A systems integrator will manage your tech workflows and ensure that schools are using the right tools to their full potential.

Manage All Your Technologies from One Place

Project management and execution are two different skills sets, and a good systems integrator has both. Systems integrators in education not only manage all of your technology’s moving parts, but they also know how to use each one effectively. For example, they know which software or hardware best runs applications and programs at the lowest cost. Schools are constrained by budgets, and an integrator efficiently utilizes the available resources.

Have a Personal Expert on Hand

Don’t spend any more time putting in calls to support lines. A systems integrator provides on-premise solutions to common technology problems. Not only can they troubleshoot issues in the classroom, but they also provide ongoing training for teachers and support professionals so everyone can get the most out of their technology.

Find the Right Systems Integrator

Not all systems integrators are equal. What makes a good one? Increasingly, systems integrators are moving toward specialization. Hire one who is an expert in your more utilized education tech. A higher education admin, for example, may have expertise in connectivity with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or wearable technologies.

Ideally, your systems integrator will help your students use technology to its fullest by seamlessly integrating it into the classroom:

  • Think function first. What do you want the technology in your classes to accomplish? A systems integrator will help execute it in a way that’s strategic and intentional.
  • Leave room for experimentation. It’s easy to become complacent with technology, particularly since it evolves so quickly. Let a systems integrator weigh in on what new technology is worth the investment.
  • Step out of your comfort zone. The school system is mired by time and budgetary constraints – don’t let that affect the way you innovate in the classroom.

Systems integrators have become a mainstay in businesses because they streamline technology flows and provide on-premise expertise. School systems are following suit. Hire a systems administrator to ensure you’re using current technology in the classroom to its fullest potential.

And remember: all systems integrators aren’t created equal. Hire someone who specializes in education technology.

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