Why We Still Need Systems IntegratorsIn today’s business world, AV technology is constantly changing.  At times it can be difficult for businesses to keep up with this constant evolution. This is where a systems integrator can be helpful. Some companies are beginning to question the need for systems integrators, but the various new technologies on the market are proof companies need them. Let’s explore the multiple benefits systems integrators provide companies, as well as the best time to hire integrators.

Benefits of Systems Integrators

AV technology is rapidly changing and becoming a staple for businesses in many industries. AV tech can completely transform the inside and outside perception of a company, all while saving money and delivering high ROI. However, the only way to maximize the benefits of AV tech is to have a knowledgeable staff on standby for any and all issues and questions. Hiring systems integrators can provide companies with the expertise needed to keep technology operating at full capacity.

When utilizing multiple intertwined technologies, it’s inevitable that technical difficulties will occur. During these technical difficulties, the goal is simple—get everything back up and running as fast as possible. Having a systems integrator improves response times during technical outages, ensuring companies’ technology isn’t in the dark for longer than it has to be.

Many companies use multiple technologies that work together in a system to perform specific tasks. Systems integrators are experts in every moving part and technology being used within a system, and can ensure each technology is performing at the highest level possible. Maximum performance equates to maximum results.

In business, data is king. Recording data is one thing, but knowing what to do with that data is something else entirely. With the help of a systems integrator, recorded data can be analyzed efficiently and quickly. You can rest assured in their expertise, knowing everything will continue to function at a high level.

Software and Device Compatibility

When building a system, companies often purchase different technologies from different vendors. Many companies also make the mistake of assuming these technologies are compatible with one another. While often this assumption is wrong, leveraging their software, hardware, and device expertise, systems integrators can ensure technologies adopted for a specific system are all compatible.

When and Why to Hire a Systems Integrator

Before your company begins planning for a new system, it is important to consult a systems integrator. The earlier an integrator is brought on, the better. Integrators know how to plan, purchase, implement, install, and monitor systems, and their jobs are done more effectively if they are involved in each process. To get the most out of a new system as a whole—as well as each individual technology being used within the system—an integrator is needed to facilitate the process.

The Takeaway

AV technology continues to become more affordable, and more companies are able budget for it. One thing that shouldn’t be overlooked before you make your next purchase is the need for a systems integrator when considering new systems. They can provide companies with industry leading expertise, data monitoring, and the knowledge to ensure maximum performance from a system. It is clear they still provide a vital, relevant service for any company.


Photo Credit: vitalspringtech Flickr via Compfight cc