Why We Should Never Stop Learning“Every now and then I like to pick up a copy of Time magazine and read every article from beginning to end, not just the articles that interest me most […] [t]hat way you can be certain to learn something you didn’t know previously.” – Bill Gates

If Bill Gates can pick a copy of Time Magazine and read it from end to end just to grow his knowledge and experiential understanding, then it isn’t hard to understand that there plenty to be learned for all of us, regardless of the business we are in. There is no place for complacency in today’s age, where the refusal to learn and grow leads to stagnation and death.

Recently, many members of Advanced AV’s core leadership attended the NSCA BLC to learn about trends in the AV industry and shake hands with 300-400 of our colleagues. But what really inspired our team to pack up and leave Philadelphia to head to Tampa, besides the weather, was a passion to continue learning and become educated on the evolution of our business, industry and practices. This shows just one more example of how the philosophy of continued learning is accepted among focused organizations, irrespective of the industry they belong to.

Bill Gates’s policy of continued learning was not just one he believed in for himself. He also encouraged his employees to become part of this knowledge expanding process. Regardless of the business you are in, it is important to continue investing in your education and the education off your staff. It is the key to organizational success. As a company that builds spaces for learning, training, and education, our focus isn’t just on the technology, but also on the people who are depending on us to create a space that they need. This is what will make organizations better, focusing on the needs of clients and becoming educated about how better to assist them. This is what will differentiate a good organization from a better one, or a better organization from the best. Whenever Gates is complimented on his level of intelligence, he attributes it to his desire to always learn something new.

The culture of learning must be instilled in all employees in order for an organization to reach greater heights of success. Once they start learning, employees will be more open and adaptable to change, they will develop natural abilities, have inquisitive minds and ask questions that will bring positive changes to current business practices. Without informative brainstorming sessions as part of the training process, what kind of progress can an organization hope to achieve? The answer is none.

When he was as the height of his success, Steve Jobs nurtured views that mirror the ones that Gates’ holds when it comes to learning. Jobs stressed the importance of continuing education, asking questions, and learning from everyone who had something to teach, including his employees, his colleagues, and his competitors. He believed that learning new things was the only way for your skills to be improved, and in turn lead you to become capable of creating the best opportunities for yourself and your organization.

Learning need not be a formal event enclosed within the four walls of training or meeting rooms. With the help of technology, it can happen anywhere, anytime. The perceived limits to the learning process are usually time, money, location, and information. All these limitations can more or less be worked around, thanks to the availability of Internet and mobile devices. However, learning shouldn’t be limited to tech-driven methods. For example, picking up a magazine or a book of interest and reading, perhaps while traveling, is not just therapeutic or relaxing but can also be educational. It can help you think differently and relate to concepts in new ways, which will eventually lead to sharpening your mind and your analytical skills.

When you make learning a habit, you’ll may be surprised by how often you will develop new ideas, how often you can find new ways to solve problems, and how evolved you’ll become as an entrepreneur, as a business owner, and as a professional, irrespective of your industry. So go ahead, get started!

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photo credit: Master in Business Innovation via photopin (license)