This year InfoComm is being held in Las, Vegas, and runs from June 9-15, with the exhibition running from June 13-15.

With budgets always tight, and busy work schedules, you may be wondering whether you should make the investment of time and money to go to InfoComm this year. Here are some issues you might want to consider:

InfoComm helps you plan for the future

nfocomm is the largest AV trade show in the nation, with over 925 vendors exhibiting. Walking the floor and seeing the directions vendor after vendor are going can give you a more complete vision for the future that the limited input of a few magazine ads or mailers. This in turn, means you can make better decisions.

InfoComm educates you

here are over 300 education sessions at InfoComm this year, led by experts in nearly every field and topic important to AV professionals. No where else will you have the opportunity to tap the minds and expertise of so many leaders in the industry.

InfoComm brings you together with your peers

For the week of InfoComm, over 34,000 AV professionals of all levels are gathered together in one place. It’s your chance to see what others are doing, what works for them, and to share ideas and solutions that are proven in the real world.

InfoComm cuts out the hype

All year long we are all bombarded with ads, mailers and e-mail marketing. But in AV, seeing is the proof that helps us make good decisions. InfoComm allows you to get hands-on experience with gear and systems you may be considering.

Whatever you are doing, it’s there

Many of us in AV wear a lot of hats. We manage technology. We are schedulers and managers. We develop content. We do digital signage. InfoComm is the one place where all the things we do are shown and taught in the same place. It is the most efficient single place for AV professionals to learn.

InfoComm builds your skills

InfoComm sponsors the most recognized official certification group in our industry, and there are dozens of opportunities to take courses that add to your CTS or other certifications. Nowhere else offers you so much progress on your professional certification in as short a time frame than InfoComm. If you have been working towards your certification, testing is available at the show.

Last year, American Industry spent $55.8 billion dollars on training and education. Companies would not spend that kind of money unless there was a strong return on investment. InfoComm is an investment, and like any good investment, it pays dividends: Better decisions, more efficency and skills that bring value to your organization.

Advanced AV believes in InfoComm, and makes the investment. If you decide to go please make sure you contact us and let us know!