The Web Real-Time Communication RevolutionInnovators are constantly looking to improve online communications. The next wave in internet communication is hitting mainstream business in the form of video conferencing embedded directly into your browser. Also known as Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC), this open-source technology has gained steam over the past few years and will increase efficiency and streamline communication processes.

Increase Adoption Rates

WebRTC allows browsers to participate in voice calls, video conferences, and data sharing operations directly without applications or plug-ins. Because of its ease of use and cost efficiency, WebRTC is currently enjoying an explosion in popularity; according to some models, the WebRTC sector may be worth a staggering 4.45 billion dollars by 2020. Experts attribute the trend to a few key factors:

  • Cost. As far as communications go, WebRTC remains the most cost-effective option for businesses of all sizes. Desk phone services are disappearing as companies realize that hard-wired communication devices run them an average of $25 a month per employee. Soft phone connections (ones that use the internet) cost an average of $15 per employee. Open-source technology like WebRTC is free, so businesses only need to pay for a reliable internet connection.
  • Functionality. Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile, and employees are no longer chained to their desks. Companies need innovative solutions that employees can use from their own mobile devices. WebRTC provides companies with the flexibility they need to communicate with their widespread workforce.
  • Internet and cloud-based communication systems allow managers to track their data in real time. For example, a manager can analyze data to determine the optimum length of communication for closing a sale based on the data of their best salespeople.
  • Familiarity. As younger generations enter the workforce, internet-based communication is the norm, not the exception. Hardwired phone systems are unfamiliar to younger employees, so companies are adopting internet solutions as the workforce becomes more technologically savvy.

Combine the Power of WebRTC and the Internet of Things

WebRTC has limitless applications, from eHealth to the finance sector. One area in which the movement is becoming popular is the Internet of Things (IoT). This refers to any device that connects to the web, from your washing machine to your security system. When IoT connects with WebRTC, efficient processes result. Consider, for example, how a business’ processes could be streamlined through the use of Smart Glasses, which allow employees to interact with a step-by-step guide and with each other in a stock inventory setting.

Consider Applications in Health, Transportation, and Technology

WebRTC presents a unique opportunity to help American citizens live healthier, more fulfilling lives. Its applications in the health field are particularly exciting. Many Americans live in areas underserved in terms of nearby quality health care. With WebRTC, doctors and nurses can communicate remotely with patients to provide quality care regardless of physical location. Cash-strapped entities like non-profits will be better equipped to provide cost-effective care, ultimately improving outcomes for these underserved populations.

Small to mid-size businesses can harness this technology to make their business processes smoother, improve their reach, and communicate with their workforce more effectively. WebRTC presents unique opportunities for managers to collaborate and improve efficiency. Combined with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement, businesses can expect to cut their IT costs and budget more of their money toward innovation.

The WebRTC movement will only become larger as companies continue to improve communication technology with more sophisticated codecs and innovations. And since the framework is free, there’s not a lot to lose. With real-time communication, your business practices can become more efficient and affordable.

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Photo Credit: Spanish Virtually via Compfight cc