Upgrade Your Conference Room What You Need and Why“You only get one chance to make a first impression.” This famous saying holds true for many aspects of our life, from personal to business. When it comes to business, this saying can definitely be applied to your conference room.

Is your conference room making a good first impression? If your company doesn’t have a state-of-the-art meeting room, it probably won’t make a lasting impression on clients or associates. This could also translate to how they view your entire business operations. There are many ways to update your conference room by incorporating the latest audio and video technology.

Projector screen. If your old projector screen is yellowed and wrinkled and has holes in it, it’s time to replace it. The importance of this essential conference room staple is often overlooked, but using superior quality screen technologies will give you a brighter and sharper image.

Upgrade the screen to a large, flat display. Something in the 55 to 80 inch range, with digital video and VGA inputs, is fairly standard today. Projectors work more cohesively with 16:9 aspect ratio presentations.

You will also need an upgrade if your multimedia projector has a dull bulb that hasn’t been replaced in years. Many times it’s not much more expensive to just replace the entire projector with an updated HD one, giving you a crisper display and enhancing your videoconferencing experience.

Speakers. The days of having cheap PC speakers on the conference table are over. A good audio system is the key to running an effective meeting. Clarity in sound helps participants understand the content easily and become fully immersed in a presentation. Installing ceiling speakers will give you optimum sound. It will also remove the table clutter and provide a cleaner and more professional-looking conference room.

You can hide modern amplifiers above the ceiling, which will save space too. On the subject of audio quality, the type of microphone you use is equally important. Instead of just one, install ceiling and table-mounted microphones to make speaking and collaborating easier and clearer.

Multiple cords running everywhere. If there are visible wires throughout your room, it makes it look dated and sloppy. Sometimes eliminating wires can be done with a new piece of furniture, but most times upgrading your equipment will eliminate most if not all visible wires. Newer hardware needs less connections, so that means less wires. The cordless conference room is coming.

Conference call software. Videoconferencing has become a business necessity in recent years. In fact, companies of all sizes are using it to accommodate remote employees and save on travel expenses. Software such as GoToMeeting or Webex works, but you will want to upgrade to a professional system that offers a smooth and fluid video experience, while giving you reliability and flexibility. Make sure your software can be integrated with popular consumer-based applications like Google Hangouts or Skype.

The software must have simple interfaces so connecting with remote participants will be as easy as clicking a mouse. With all the advantages of videoconferencing, it is essential to have the right technology to make a good impression.

A wonderful thing about technology is that is offers solutions to almost any problem you may encounter. If you have problems with, there are various wireless solutions available for your conference rooms. If your microphones are bulky and the audio is garbled, you can upgrade those as well. Go through each piece of equipment and find the appropriate product to make it better. With proper planning, it is possible to turn your dated conference room into a cutting-age facility that will make a good and lasting first impression.

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