It’s the final month of 2016. The New Year looms enticingly on the horizon. There are many reasons to look forward to 2017 – none the least of which is the gamut of incredibly exciting innovations in the technology industry. Here is a brief look at our top 10 technology predictions for next year.

Invest in AI Customer Service

Artificial Intelligence will begin to replace humans in the customer service sphere of businesses. Automating customer call centers or investing in a hybrid AI-human customer service department will improve productivity, cut wasted employee time, and make it easier for customers to get answers. AI will also take over the realm of analytics, enabling businesses to understand trends as they evolve in real time.

Vamp Up Your Videos

The booming success of live video, video marketing, and virtual reality applications in the past year points to another banner year for this medium, as mobile continues to replace desktop viewing. Consumers will come to expect video from your company, and a lack thereof will be a definite mark against your brand.

Enjoy Advanced Predictive Analytics

Big data was the phrase of the year, with new technologies like interactive digital signage giving organizations new ways to gather incredibly accurate consumer information. Predictive analytics will shine in 2017, bringing forecasting capabilities to an all-time high. Businesses will be able to understand customers, foresee trends, and use big data in ways we haven’t yet imagined.

Jump Onboard Machine Learning

Machine learning startups will be the top acquisition targets of software firms, chip manufacturers, and related businesses as they jump to add smarter computing programs to their products. Machine learning techniques will finally reach the point where they’re ready to join the market in applications such as image file analysis, big data acquisition, and even piloting drones.

Increase Company Security

2016 saw an increase in security events with several major data breaches at universities, Cisco, the IRS, the U.S. Department of Justice, and a few top social media sites. As we head into 2017, expect companies to be using more optimally designed network security solutions. This will mean better defenses against sophisticated hackers, more protected sensitive data, and innovative mobile security solutions.

Bring Your Device to Work

Mobile flexibility at work will become the new norm, with more businesses accepting the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend, which will ultimately lead to more productive employees and higher company morale. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you’ll introduce BYOD and better mobility.

See IoT Devices Everywhere

We predict the Internet of Things (IoT) will become more valued as a way to meet and exceed consumer expectations. As customer hopes continue to grow, so must the ways in which companies provide excellent user experience via connected devices and IoT.

Use More “As-a-Service” Services

“As-a-service” services – those delivered via the Internet rather than on-site – will grow in popularity. Prepare to encounter more platforms as a service, infrastructures as a service, software as a service, and other web services that take the place of traditional solutions.

Put Everything in the Cloud

IDC FutureScape predicts that more than 60% of IT spending will go to cloud computing and social networking by 2019. The cloud is overshadowing all other forms of digital storage, thanks to new and improved cloud safety in the face of cyber attack risks.

Migrate to Digital

Digital migration will hit new heights, fueled by a steadily growing move to the cloud. By next year, we can expect to see more businesses undergo a digital transformation, restructuring their infrastructures and budgets to keep up with digital trends. If you haven’t hopped on the digital train yet, this month may be your last chance.

These are just 10 of the many new things the modern world will see in 2017. Are there others that you think will impact your business in the coming year? We would love to hear about them.

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photo credit: Ars Electronica Deep Space 8K: Orbits / Quadrature (DE) via photopin (license)