Technology in Story TellingOver the past few years, the marketing and advertising world has been buzzing around the concept of storytelling. While some think storytelling is overused, watering down its essence and losing its appeal. There are others who believe that storytelling is a way to reach out to customers that will never go out of style. Thanks to the Internet, consumers are already given access to as much information as they could possibly want. So, it’s not about the information that is delivered. It is, instead, about how that information is delivered that makes all the difference. We live in a world where pitches don’t cut it anymore. Nobody wants to be sold to. Instead, people want to feel important and understood. People are looking for a connection. In fact, this desire for an emotional connection is the reason we find puppies, horses, and humor in commercials today. Essentially, it’s all about being able to present ideas to your customers in a way that makes them feel compelled to respond.

From the Ad World to the Boardroom

There are several similarities to be found between what happens in the media and what takes place in the boardroom. These similarities can be used to our advantage if we are asking the right questions while preparing our presentations. A key question we should be asking is, “How are we using media to create better stories in the boardroom?” When selling, pitching, teaching, and sharing, we should be using technologies such as video and audio in our presentations to closely tie together the delivery of our content. Delivering the content through emotionally driven storytelling, enhanced with meaningful video and audio, will create a memorable presentation that consumers are bound to connect with and remember. This is the future of the “pitch” in business, and technology is enabling it. It is precisely why companies need to use technology as a part of the presentations they deliver.

For example, let’s say you want to point out an increase in sales during a presentation. Instead of simply stating that sales increased, why not engage the audience in a compelling story telling session which will gradually lead them towards your aim of proving that you have achieved your target and exceeded it? Customers are able to reflect on a company’s values when they are engaged in a story demonstrating those values. Not only that, but it helps inform customers about a company by taking them on a visual ride through the timeline of its existence, including the struggles and victories that they have faced. At the end of a well-planned and executed storytelling video, the audience may feel that they are part of the company. This makes them feel connected, important and understood – mission accomplished! So where does technology fit in when we are working towards achieving these connections?

Using tech to tell stories

To make the most out of storytelling in presentations, companies can use technologies such as Wi-Fi enabled boardrooms and Unified Communications which will encourage collaboration. Companies will be able to share documents and images that they feel will be valuable additions to their stories. Collaborative technologies make the art of storytelling easier and allow for the addition of amazing graphics that can be projected to the audience. The whole point is how we are using audio and visual media to create a better story. The goal is not to sell an idea, but to help our customers make the idea their own.

More and more boardrooms are becoming paperless and iPads can be found everywhere. In most cases, everybody in the room will have access to the Internet and will be able to share documents, thanks to Unified Communications technologies. Gone are the days when the story was just a series of still charts of progress and bulleted lists of successes. Today’s technologies are reliable and have the ability to support a variety of applications. They are the perfect tool to ensure successful storytelling in the boardroom.

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photo credit: DSC05274 via photopin (license)