The Evolution of Enterprise CollaborationThe term enterprise collaboration is fairly broad, but it generally describes the ways in which people work together in our new digital and mobile driven business landscape. Both inside and outside of the office. The autonomy Millennials and Gen-Xers demand from their careers has spread to the business world as a whole, and today digital connectivity makes collaboration easy, allowing people the freedom to work from anywhere—no longer feeling tied to an office, no longer being required to work the traditional 9-to-5, Monday to Friday job. Enterprise collaboration is the new goal of every dynamic business. In today’s workplace, employees can instantly connect via Smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices giving us a new way to work. Let’s take a look at the evolution of enterprise collaboration.

The Mobile Employee

A recent article in makes it clear that though mobile employees are a definite trend, and one that will continue growing, according to Nemertes Research, “these kinds of workers typically represent no more than 20% of a typical workforce.” That said, the key phrase is “continue growing” – mobile employees have unique needs, requiring IT groups to have their fingers on the pulse of network and device security and application performance across wired and wireless networks. They also must be prepared to support user-owned devices, ensure there is sufficient wireless network availability, and that huddle spaces and small conference rooms are equipped with good quality video conferencing tools. Collaboration, though, means more than just video-chatting with a teammate.

From White Walls to White Boards to Whole Screens

It was pretty revolutionary when the “old fashioned whiteboard” went from dry erase markers to interactive digital collaboration. But today, people are expecting more. Meeting rooms are walled with touch-sensitive screens that combine the digital whiteboard with internal and external collaboration and split-screen capabilities, out-of-the-box access to the Internet, improved workflow efficiency and essentially plug-and-play installation. Instead of huddling around a laptop, or sharing a Power Point presentation, team members can access outside resources and connect with customers and/or clients (or attend meetings) via video conference. They can simplify workflow by consolidating projects onto one device. Meeting notes can be saved and shared via software apps. Collaboration happens seamlessly, across multiple mediums, using one touch-technology enabled screens.

Collaboration Apps Ease Email Use

Increased enterprise collaboration led to the advent of several new collaboration apps. Streamlining long-distance group communication is among the many uses of these applications. People in separate locations and on multiple devices can now access content simultaneously and work together on a single project using these apps. Adding these to your mobile workforce’s tools box simplifies group-sharing efforts and takes the pressure out of team collaboration.

Video Sharing Meets the Enterprise

While sharing documents and content online has been a staple of workplace communication for years, video sharing is an up-and-coming method of communication that will soon be invaluable to the modern business. Using a user-friendly “collaboration platform,” enterprise video sharing takes on the ease of social media networking. The goal? To foster innovation by using video to make collaboration and business processes more efficient, helping teams and individuals create and easily share their own video content, whether it’s a report, research summary, or progress update.

These are just a few of the newest enterprise collaboration trends hitting the enterprise today. These trends in enterprise collaboration will continue to evolve, and will continue to streamline the processes of everyday business, shaping the future for workplaces everywhere.

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photo credit: NEC-ext-39 via photopin (license)