Taking Advantage of the loT with an AV UpgradeToday, AV technology has become essential to the success of businesses in various industries. With more and more industries utilizing AV technology to increase sales and enhance the customer experience, there are still many ways to amplify its effectiveness. When combined with The Internet of Things (IoT), AV technology has the potential to increase revenue and improve multiple business functions. To maximize the benefits of the IoT with AV technology, businesses need to upgrade existing technology. Let’s explore the many benefits of the IoT when used with AV technology, alongside the need for upgrades in order to leverage the full potential of the IoT in AV.

Why the IoT is Impacting Business

The use of digital signage is on the rise and shows no sign of slowing down. Businesses in all industries are using digital signage to keep employees and consumers informed, streamlining the communication of internal and external information. The IoT allows for new ways to connect AV technology such as digital signage with other devices. Businesses looking to further streamline communication and enhance user experiences need to start paying close attention to the IoT.

Devices connected to the IoT have the ability to communicate real-time information across multiple AV displays—no human action required. Companies are already taking advantage of the free-flow of time information across AV displays.

Many manufacturing companies—Harley Davidson, John Deere, and others—are using AV technology connected to the IoT to monitor factory conditions and increase the effectiveness of mass notification systems, all while keeping employees informed in real-time. AV technology and the IoT continue to evolve, and with their evolution, new effective and efficient uses for these technologies will be found.

AV Upgrades for the IoT

With a multitude of devices working together across multiple networks in the iot, the security of these networks and devices is a concern—one reason upgrading AV technology is essential for IoTusage. AV integrators and service providers know the importance of security, and upgrading and implementing a secure AV infrastructure is one way to combat security issues.

Connecting AV technology with the IoT has become a powerful tool, but in order to maximize the potential benefits of these technologies, a business has to ensure it is using up-to date hardware and software. AV integrators have already begun the transition from the outdated IPv4 standard to the newer, faster IPv6 standard.

With so many moving parts, AV tech and the IoT demand the latest wireless and wired solutions. To ensure maximum effectiveness, upgrading to smart solutions such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) ensures devices are communicating without interruptions. Alongside PoE, upgrading your business’s data and analytics technology can have a major impact on AV tech and the way it communicates with the IoT.

New AV Standards

The continued growth of the AV industry has led it to become an increasingly competitive field. Enterprise level AV companies and integrators have to consider and implement the latest standards and technology in data compression, performance varication, energy management, and security in order to stand out from their competition.

The Takeaway

AV technology and IoT is the future of business. The multiple benefits these technologies offer in an enterprise setting has the ability to save companies money, streamline internal and external communication, and improve user/customer interactions. However, in order to maximize the potential AV tech and the IoT, it’s essential companies upgrade existing technology and stay familiar with constantly evolving AV standards. One thing is certain, AV tech and the IoT is—and will continue—to impact businesses in every industry.

Photo Credit: JCT600 Flickr via Compfight cc