Every successful organization has at least one thing in common–a dedicated and well-trained workforce. And, why not? The productivity and performance of every employee adds up to form a collective impact on a company’s revenue and profitability. Naturally, there’s no denying that  proper employee training can have an impact on the bottom line. Given this, it’s sad to see just how often we fail to include training into our key strategies due to reasons like time constraints, lack of training personnel, or the volume of information that your employees have to be fed with – all too common factors in today’s dynamic business environment. So how do you tackle these challenges and build a well-trained workforce? Technology-based training might be the answer for you. A report released by IBM reveals that using e-Learning tools and strategies can help companies boost their productivity by 50%.

Livecasting and On-Demand Content – smarter training, better communication

Video is fast becoming the desired tool for corporate training and communication and 59% of top organizations are using some form of video content for training their employees. As such, the idea of using videos in both forms, live and recorded, is definitely a smart one. Livecasting is using live or real-time video and audio feeds to up the quotient of employee education and know-how. It’s also a great way to enhance productivity by organizing meetings and team chats without requiring staffers to leave their desks.  In a recent report by Wainhouse Research, 78% of respondents have described live streaming video as effective for business meetings and communications.

On the other hand, recorded videos offer the convenience of scooping the required information and updates whenever an employee needs them. Quite unlike traditional trainings which are time-consuming and require on-spot presence, recorded videos offer more flexibility and allow your employees to not only consume relevant content on-demand, but to also consume it on the device of their choice, like a smartphone or a tablet.

Here’s more of how livecasting and on-demand video can help your organization perform better.

Hold more productive meetings

Videos offer the same level of engagement as a face-to-face meeting or a stage or boardroom presentation. Since virtual meetings eliminate the need for participants to leave their workspace, they don’t have to go back and forth, thus saving productive time. It’s easier to keep virtual meetings to-the-point as there are less chances of wandering off-topic. You can also arrange meetings on short notice and participants can access quickly using their device of short. They don’t need to be sitting in front of their computers to participate.

Connect with your remote workforce

While remote working is growing rapidly in popularity among today’s workforce, employers, too, are growing more comfortable with this idea, owing to its benefits of improving workforce productivity and getting talented people on board from across the world. Livecasting can be a great way to connect with your remote workforce almost as seamlessly as you would in an in-house set-up. Employees working remotely can use recorded videos to refer to updates and information shared with them. This way, they can solve problems in real time, when they arise. Using live or recorded video for training can also offer your employees the flexibility of choosing where and when they wish to be trained and potentially result in not only more effective training sessions, but more retention of information and greater productivity.

Build stronger teams

Video interactions can encourage a greater sense of understanding and foster team-building spirit among your employees. With videos, you can easily bring your in-house team to collaborate with your remote workforce and improve the level of communication between both set of employees.

Save cost on training

Because you can train your employees online using live footage of an ongoing seminar or arrange for them to attend an informational webinar, you can give your employees the value of continuing eductation and access to some of the best training facilities without taxing your budget. A good meeting or conference always has some takeaway for keeps. You can create a video archive of relevant and information-rich videos and give your employees access to it, for times they need to refer to something useful or solve a particular problem. This video archive can also be used to train new hires, thus saving significant costs on repeat trainings.

With new trends and technologies emerging at a rapid pace, there’s a greater call for organizations to adapt to the changes. While the increasing use of mobile technology has sent ripples across business sectors, more companies need to tweak their processes to stay current. The use of video for training and communication is a positive step in that direction.

Are you using livecast and on-demand content as a training and communication strategy for your employees?

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