All kinds of companies are beginning to capitalize on the great convenience that video technology provides for them. Video tools can enhance communication and help your team members stay in touch more effectively with each other. For best results, it is important to take steps towards socializing the use of video in your company so that it can enhance communication and improve collaboration between employees. Here are five ways to make video a more social tool at your company.

1. Integrate It With Other Communications

Unified communications is rapidly becoming one of the most important ideas in the modern enterprise. InformationWeek’s 2014 Unified Communications Survey results showed that 77% of respondents already had a UC system or planned to deploy one in the next two years. Socializing the use of video in your company by unifying it with other kinds of communications is an important step towards making it more acceptable for communications.

2. Hold Mandatory Video Communications Sessions

No matter how effective your video communication systems are, there will always be a few holdouts that are reluctant to adopt video as a social tool. Socializing the use of video in your company by requiring your users to use video for some type of communication can make people aware of all the great benefits of video communication, even if they were reluctant to adopt it at first. Your mandatory video communication sessions do not have to be anything extremely serious: you could use them to check in with your remote team members or to hold informal meetings across the entire organization.

3. Don’t Force Users To Make A Drastic Operational Switch

While it is important that you ween the reluctant ones onto video communications, it is equally important that you do not force them to change the operating system or type of machine that they use. Try to incorporate video systems that can be used on existing machines or require as little adjustment as possible, which will make your team members much more likely to respond positively to video communications.

4. Include Support For Mobile Devices

The rise of mobile device usage has been well documented by many sources. If your business is looking to make video a more social tool within the company, allow users to hold video chats while they are out and about. This will make them more likely to video as a social tool.

5. Provide Effective Training

Training seminars or informational sessions where you go over the benefits of video communication and how it is used can do wonders for socializing the use of video in your company. The more acquainted people at your company are with video technology, the more likely it will be for them to adopt it in a social manner and start using it to the benefit of the entire organization.

These ideas can be extremely valuable for making video use more social at your organization, which will help you capitalize on developing technology to enhance the ROI of your communications systems.

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