For years the biggest challenge for making video scalable for enterprise has been the infrastructure.

Over the past 10-15 years the price of the room-based codec has dropped every year making a high definition room system cost about the same as the projector or flat-panel that went along with it. In short this opened up the door to video in every room.  With desktop video solutions being offered by companies like Cisco, Polycom and Lifesize, this has taken vide from the board room to the bedroom and everywhere in between, but regardless of how inexpensive these systems have become the real challenge to making them work for most businesses and organizations remains in the data center.

In short, how does an organization safely and easily connect all of these devices so they can talk to one another over the network. One thing is for sure; you can’t just leave them unsecured because these devices become easy targets for intruders.

The answer always has and always will be in the infrastructure. However, the second you add infrastructure to the equation you are talking big investment. Additionally with the rapid innovation in video bridging and infrastructure technology, the idea of making a large investment in a specialized appliance becomes more and more daunting for many companies. So what is the answer for companies that have video but need the infrastructure for simplifying dialing outside the firewall and keeping the assets secure?

The Solution May Just Be In The Cloud

Look up, it’s a bird, it’s a plane…no, it is the cloud.

So everyone is talking about this whole cloud concept and if you are using Dropbox, Google apps or perhaps some enterprise CRM or ERP you too are experiencing cloud day in and day out.

But the cloud offers horsepower for video infrastructure too. In fact, the cloud can singlehandedly replace your entire video conferencing infrastructure in a way that is optimized for your businesses’ need.

For instance, if today you have 20 rooms around the world that you want to be able to connect, it is possible to use the cloud to essentially “Rent” access to 20 simultaneous connections so that all of those rooms, or some assortment of them can connect.

Included in this cloud of infrastructure is also security. The endpoints (desktop or room) are registered to the cloud solution just like they would be to your local infrastructure so the firewall knows what traffic to let through and which to keep out.

If your needs grow, you can use more assets in the cloud and if they shrink you can change your plan to support less.  A friendly model that takes into consideration the amount of infrastructure that you need rather than being forced to buy extra just in case.

The cloud may just be the “X” factor for enterprises looking to utilize all of their video assets while simultaneously having the flexibility to grow all while meeting budget and security needs.

Sound like a perfect fit? For many businesses we think so.

Is your company looking to expand its resources and leverage cloud for its video infrastructure needs? Advanced AV offers cloud solutions that will meet your business needs. Ready to connect? We’d love to chat with you.