Remote Monitoring is About Piece Peace of MindThe theory of remote monitoring centers on the simple statement of pro-activity and forecasting problem areas so that they don’t occur in the first place. From supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), to the Internet of Things (IoT), remote monitoring has gone through several stages of evolution. Whether it is AV or IT systems that need monitoring, there are means and tools to do so. The problem begins when the threat of failure at those crucial hours takes a ‘piece’ of your mind away from other concerns. Let’s find out how remote monitoring can give you back your peace of mind.

IT Infrastructure – Remote Monitoring and Management

According to definition, Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is a collection of IT tools provided by IT service providers. The tools are loaded to the client’s workstations and servers where they gather information about the operations of hardware and applications. These tools report back to the service provider, which allows them to resolve any issues that the findings may forecast. RMM is a proactive method of keeping track of the network’s operations. It helps to enhance employee performance as well, because they no longer lose sleep over the added stress of IT issues that can cripple the entire workflow.

IT service providers offer remote monitoring solutions to give clients peace of mind that their systems are well looked after and any issues that pop up will be resolved in a timely manner. It is also a transparent way to resolve IT issues, as monitoring can eliminate doubts and questions among employees. It reduces downtime and increases the efficiency of the IT infrastructure.

What can fall within the scope of IT Remote Monitoring?

  • Storage
  • Data
  • Vendor networks
  • Applications
  • Networks
  • Computing

The tools typically used to achieve this task include a variety of sensors meant to remotely manage ping, memory, bandwidth, firewall, memory, storage and disks, mail server, database web apps, windows security, vendor performance, and more. There are several benefits of remote IT management: being able to monitor the performance of the IT infrastructure and application performance, track the usage pattern of networks, and develop a healthy and transparent relationship with the vendors.

AV Remote Monitoring – How Peace of Mind is Restored

Audio visual aids have become an integral part of commercial or non-commercial presentations, no matter what the business sector.  While on-site management is important, it may not be possible to understand the length and breadth of a problem until it occurs. Threating peace of mind, your on-site management team may strain to remain calm at the mere possibility of a system failure.

Remote monitoring can not only eliminate possible threats from equipment, but also restores the client’s peace of mind. Every device that is used as a part of AV can be connected to a common network and monitored via dashboard. The range of devices may include, but are not restricted to, projectors and display screens, media servers, audio digital signal processors, interactive whiteboards, control systems, etc.  If any of these devices show the slightest chance of malfunction, an alarm is sent and the personnel in charge of remote monitoring will diagnose the issue and resolve it. There is no need to be working on-site, so the process is accelerated. This is especially useful for monitoring video conferencing AV equipment. An important feature of AV monitoring during video conferencing is the advance notification systems which allow the client to prepare beforehand or use the back-up system in time.

With AV and IT systems under the protective guardianship of remote monitoring, clients can breathe easy. They can work and collaborate without losing a ‘piece’ or ‘peace’ of their mind.

Do you have a specific experience when AV remote monitoring has offered you peace of mind you wouldn’t have otherwise had? Share it with us. 

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photo credit: Liz Henry via photopin cc