Written by Jack Cary

On Mondays, at our office, we have meetings, meetings, and more meetings. Although we
have seven conference rooms of various shapes and sizes, each equipped with technology to
help facilitate collaborative sessions. It seems, at least on Mondays, that they are all booked, all
day. For today, the scheduled meetings were under way and I felt confident that the technology
in those rooms was well matched to the requirements which had been discussed the previous

However, next Monday’s planned meeting was going to prove to be a bit more challenging.
The Senior Vice-President of Global Sales was flying in from New York for the Annual Sales
and Forecasting Meeting and the year’s sales data and forecasting reports were going to be
reviewed. This high level meeting required collaboration with all regional offices as well as
senior management in the West Coast headquarters. On top of that we needed live input from
our top, account executives in the field and access to data, streaming in from several key client
sites. We needed the technology of all seven of our conference rooms, in one room, at one

I reviewed the details outlined for this meeting, and I was growing concerned that none of our
conference rooms had a complete, unified technology system capable of facilitating all of the
requirements for this special meeting. As I pondered my options, I remembered something my
oldest son had shown me while visiting from North Carolina. He had shown me a new, mobile
gaming console called “PS Vita.” He described it as a “multi-touch,” high-definition; interactive
console for gaming. It had rich graphical content, accurate control options, expandable memory
and a large, high resolution display. It unified all the best aspects of gaming into one device.
I walked out of my office and headed over to the break room for a coffee. I found myself
searching for a way to utilize all of our conference room technology as a unified communication
tool; an all-in-one solution.

Several members of our IT staff were just returning from a vendor fair and just at my moment of
reflection, the Director of IT, with a big smile on her face, handed me a brochure and said, “You
really need to check this out.” On the front cover was a picture of a large, flat panel display and
boldly annotated across the screen were the words, “MondoPad – Bigger is Better – Giant Touch Tablet for Your Conference Room.” I could not believe what I was seeing and reading. Here
was a 55”, multi-touch, interactive LCD display that possibly had everything we needed in one

As I read over the specifications, I discovered that the unit included an integrated PC with an
Intel 5 processor, Windows 7 Pro, and Office 2010 pre-installed. With built-in Wi-Fi, this all-in-
one solution provided a full web experience and all of the included applications were optimized
for touch. It could be used for note-taking, annotating, investigating, collaborating, conferencing,
and presenting. It included an HD webcam, a microphone array and a built in speaker that was
optimized for voice. Not only could it be used as a 1080p display for video conferencing and presentation slide shows but it also functioned as a whiteboard with note-taking and note-saving capabilities.

I envisioned our field representatives sending emails directly to the unit for inclusion in our
discussions; they would Skype using their smart phones. We would video-conference with our
clients, regardless of the VTC equipment they used. This giant tablet would even be customized
with our logo and our own custom background. This integrated tablet would allow sharing,
viewing and control using its own wireless keyboard and mouse or from anyone’s smartphone
or tablet. The unit even came with Wi-Fi, serving as a wireless access point (WAP). I immediately contacted our unified communication integrator, Advanced AV, and I could tell by the enthusiasm for this product that it was going to be a great solution. Now, would we be able to get this unit installed in time for our special meeting only a week away? The
answer: “absolutely!” Unlike some other systems that require the installation of component
products, mounting hardware, and lots of cabling, the MondoPad easily installs on a wall or it
even has an optional mobile stand making installation, set-up and start-up simple. Advanced AV
has a great Fast Track Installation Group that could make this happen.

Present, Annotate, Collaborate all in real time! I must be dreaming.

Corporate memo

I am happy to announce the promotion of Mr. J.T. Smith to Executive Vice-President of Facilities Planning.

After what proved to be one of the most innovative and productive annual meetings in this company’s history, Mr. Smith has again proven that technology that works is technology at work.

Congratulations Mr. Smith!

Dr. Tabatha S. Jones – CEO

When the Vice-President and his staff arrived to our office the following Monday, he was
excited to see what this new, “giant touch tablet” was all about. He wasn’t disappointed. I
had sent a memo out to everyone who would attend outlining all the capabilities and features
of the MondoPad. It turned out to be one of the most collaborative, interactive, and lively
meetings ever. We had input from the field through e-mail, video-conferencing with clients,
and whiteboard interaction by people who had never dared pick up a marker and present. We
recorded the entire session and saved all the notes for distribution to everyone. One of our
marketing folks had some new product pieces saved on a flash drive and with 4 USB ports
standard, he just walked up to the board, put in his flash drive and began presenting, instantly.
Attendees were connected wirelessly with their ultra-books, tablets, and smartphones.

By the end of our big day, the sales data had been researched, reviewed, and reported but
the “buzz” around our office was about the new business tool that did it all; the giant touch tablet
that enabled all of us to present, annotate and collaborate.