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Congratulations to Advanced AV President Mike Boettcher For Being Selected as Smart 100 CEO

Advanced AV CEO Mike Boettcher has been selected as a Top 100 CEO. Read the article here. 

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Will classroom displays disappear into tablets and smartphones?

Battle lines not only have been drawn but the battle has escalated to an all-out war. I’m referring to the competition over “tablets” with Apple’s iPad 2 pushing other players to release bigger, faster, full-featured products just to stay in this new game.

There is no doubt that smartphones and tablets are making a statement in the replacement market for laptops and even notebooks as the world’s thirst for smaller, faster and “funner” continues.

As with so many technologies such as flat panel displays/televisions, format changes, MP3 players, and social networking, the consumer is the driving force that dictates when the commercial applications take hold and gain wide acceptance. This trending however has occurred much faster with the integration of tablets into several key commercial markets including education.

Apple has always been a major influencer in the K-12 education market and as a partner and collaborative vendor has gained and continues to retain wide acceptance in the classrooms of schools as well as the creative curriculum departments such as multi-media, journalism, and even athletics. However, the appeal and heavy push has come from the savvy students and their 21st century, younger generation parents. This generation of students is coming to class with higher educational expectations of using their devices as an adjunct to library research, for access to instructional materials, for collaborative work, for networking in their field, and for personal productivity.

Sam Gliksman on March 15, 2011 in a blog entitled, “Can Your iPad Replace Your SmartBoard?” reviews and envisions a “lower cost” solution to an “interactive whiteboard.” (I find it so interesting how well Smart Technologies has branded their product into a technology reference. It does not matter who manufactures an interactive white board it is always […]

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Built for Broadcast, Compact Model Offers HD/SD Recording Options and Fastest Shoot-to-Edit Workflow WAYNE,

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Schneider Electric’s Complete Intelligent Cooling Solution Portfolio brings Efficiency, Flexibility and Reliability to Data Center Cooling

Schneider Electric ensures that customers’ cooling infrastructure can adapt on demand to meet business needs at all times throughout the

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The Broadcast And Communications Sales And Marketing Division Of Canon U.S.A. Appoints Jose Alvarado As Senior Manager For Latin American Sales

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., September, 2011 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging, has selected Jose Alvarado, a well-seasoned professional in international broadcast equ

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