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Infocus Mondopad INF5520 Giant Touch Tablet

Infocus Mondopad INF5520 Giant Touch Tablet

Present, annotate and collaborate on a giant tablet with meeting participants in the room and around the world. An InFocus Mondopad puts everything you need to visually present, capture and share ideas at your fingertips – all beautifully integrated into a single device.

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NEC X551S 55″ LED-Backlit, Super-Slim, Professional-Grade, Large-Screen Display

NEC X551S 55″ LED-Backlit, Super-Slim, Professional-Grade, Large-Screen Display

The NEC 55″ X551S makes your digital signage easy to implement, configure and operate. This super-slim full HD LCD display offers a much slimmer depth with LED backlighting and an Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) slot to increase flexibility for users in any digital signage application. Additional connections include DisplayPort, HDMI and an expansion slot for NEC accessories or third-party components. Its TileMatrix™ capability allows you to build video walls using up to 100 displays in a single configuration.

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Event: Manufacturer Meet and Greet

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Event: Industry Wide Bake Sale For Charity

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Present, Annotate, Collaborate all in real time! I must be dreaming

Written by Jack Cary
On Mondays, at our office, we have meetings, meetings, and more meetings. Although we
have seven conference rooms of various shapes and sizes, each equipped with technology to
help facilitate collaborative sessions. It seems, at least on Mondays, that they are all booked, all
day. For today, the scheduled meetings were under way and I felt confident that the technology
in those rooms was well matched to the requirements which had been discussed the previous

However, next Monday’s planned meeting was going to prove to be a bit more challenging.
The Senior Vice-President of Global Sales was flying in from New York for the Annual Sales
and Forecasting Meeting and the year’s sales data and forecasting reports were going to be
reviewed. This high level meeting required collaboration with all regional offices as well as
senior management in the West Coast headquarters. On top of that we needed live input from
our top, account executives in the field and access to data, streaming in from several key client
sites. We needed the technology of all seven of our conference rooms, in one room, at one

I reviewed the details outlined for this meeting, and I was growing concerned that none of our
conference rooms had a complete, unified technology system capable of facilitating all of the
requirements for this special meeting. As I pondered my options, I remembered something my
oldest son had shown me while visiting from North Carolina. He had shown me a new, mobile
gaming console called “PS Vita.” He described it as a “multi-touch,” high-definition; interactive
console for gaming. It had rich graphical content, accurate control options, expandable memory
and a large, high resolution display. It unified all the best aspects of gaming into one device.
I walked out of my office and headed over to the […]

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March 2012

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SCN Magazine Highlights Advanced AV’s Win of the Be Well Philly Office Challenge

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Advanced AV Featured in SCN’s Article: Training Day – interview with Eric Bixler

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My Digital Signage Day

I began my day as I do most days, rise and shine at 6:00am then on to the office.

My usual stop at the local coffee shop often included coffee (a Venti Black Eye) and a bagel. However, on this day I was wowed by the huge digital signage display above the order counter. Every possible breakfast item and coffee variety was brightly, boldly and beautifully shown in high definition, enticing me to order not just the coffee and bagel, but a new breakfast sandwich as well that had posted to the display just seconds before. I scanned in that breakfast combination to my iPhone using the QR code provided next to each item so that next time I could have my special breakfast order ready when I got there with a simple touch on my phone.

In line at the checkout, I encountered another digital signage display showing traffic and weather for the nearby community. My local coffee shop had jumped, no leaped, into the digital signage decade.

Back in my car and up onto the turnpike, I was awed by digital signage billboards, some keeping me abreast of up-to-the minute road conditions, others for traffic issues and yet others displaying advertisements with sophisticated, bright, brilliant and beautiful graphics and video.

My digital signage day was just beginning when my colleague called and using mobile convergence technology, pushed out to me the airport delays for the flight we were about to take for our trip to High Mountain State University where we planned to scope out a design for a new stadium video scoreboard and instant replay system.

At the airport, we found the highly visible, interactive way-finding displays very useful, providing new step-by-step walking directions, getting us […]

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February 2012

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