New Style IT: Are Your Employees “Tech Empowered?”Today, IT is at the forefront of the business universe, no matter your industry or your size. Technology is everywhere – empowering employees, increasing productivity, and streamlining collaboration and project completion – while making more traditional “old fashioned way of doing business” virtually obsolete.

So, the question isn’t is technology a priority in your organization, the question should be are your employees tech-empowered. Embracing the New Style of IT is the only way to stay ahead of the technology learning curve. Ensuring your employees are “tech empowered” can lead to flexible, efficient collaborations, and simplified functionality. To encourage tech-empowered employees, master the four categories of current tech trends, and then actively incorporate them into your day-to-day operations.

Master These Major Tech Categories:

  1. Mobility

In the 21st century, no tech-savvy employee wants to be confined to a cubicle for 40+ hours a week. Employees today, especially the younger set, realize there are alternatives to the typical workplace environment. They can now work from a home office, from a coffee shop, or on an airplane, giving them complete freedom and mobility. Innovations in enterprise collaboration techniques allow employees to use myriad devices and apps to create comprehensive, collaborative shared workspaces—ultimately encouraging teamwork and increasing overall efficiency.

  1. Collaboration

With dozens of collaboration apps on the market, more and more employees are reaping the benefits of working as a team while away from the office. Employees are discovering new methods of streamlined collaboration techniques, such as virtual whiteboards and hybrid video conferencing. Easier collaborative efforts directly result in increased productivity.

  1. Cloud Applications

Adopting the cloud will allow your business to integrate new technologies into your old systems with relative ease, making the transformation as painless as possible for employees. Most cloud solutions offer high quality solutions at a lower cost, giving employees access to data, dashboards, reports, and tools – all seamlessly. They can use cloud based solutions to create marketing and advertising campaigns and support customers as effectively as national competitors.

  1. Social Media

In an age where content is king, successfully maneuvering social media sites is vital to your business’ integrity. Creating a strong social media presence can improve SEO, increase organic interest in a company, and result in long-term ROI success. Understanding popular social media sites and recognizing their importance in the business sphere can lead to tangible benefits.

Inexpertly fumbling around on social media sites, however, can hurt your business. Today’s consumers don’t want social media sites to be platforms for pushy salespeople or advertisements—they want relevant, interesting information. Content marketing is a tricky business, but it’s something every company needs to learn to thrive in today’s tech-savvy marketplace.

Encourage Technology-Empowered Employees

Today’s workplace is highly competitive, and your best talent wants access to the newest technologies, best business apps, and innovative work solutions. Tech-empowered employees are the face of today’s changing workplace environments. But how do you shape your workforce around IT?

Creating and leveraging a technology-empowered workforce requires a comprehensive plan of action. Organizations must integrate IT into their business models, which often presents a need for total reformation of systems and applications, but it’s worth the effort. Marrying the new style of IT while investing in solutions and processes that make the most of legacy investments will ensure a more efficient, flexible, and scalable solution.

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photo credit: Spirit of Innovation via photopin (license)