Net neutrality is a concept that is relatively new, but could still have a huge impact on traditional business models across a wide array of industries. The basic idea of net neutrality gives every Internet user the same access to Internet bandwidth. If net neutrality is done away with, organizations may have to pay a fee to Internet service providers so that their sites load at a speed that is acceptable for visitors. Many in the AV industry are wondering how net neutrality specifically affects video conferencing:

Possible Net Neutrality Impacts On Video Conferencing

Although net neutrality is still in place for the most part, this past May the FCC started taking comments about net neutrality from Internet users. If the FCC decides to revoke net neutrality, it could cause some significant changes to the way that video conferencing is used, both privately and commercially.

  • One of the considerations to make when thinking about how net neutrality affects video conferencing is what the impact would be on private users of this kind of technology. Video conferencing tools may become unavailable to many users who have limited financial means, but still want to be able to communicate with people they care about
  • The number of startups and innovation in the video conferencing industry could take a negative hit. Since the abolishment of net neutrality could make it hard for companies to afford to pay for bandwidth to support video conferencing for all users, it is very possible that small companies and startups may be dissuaded from even entering the field of video conferencing in the first place
  • Business costs for video conferencing may be higher. Companies that have to expend more resources for video conferencing may see lowered GP numbers, since more of their capital may have to be put towards conferencing. To recoup this lost income, companies may then increase the cost of their products or services to end customers, which could have a widespread impact on the economy

Net Neutrality: A Positive For The AV Industry

Industry writers and bloggers talking about how net neutrality effects video conferencing often paint a very scary picture of what things would be like for AV companies if net neutrality was done away with. At The Lifesize Blog, Josh Srago writes that the elimination of net neutrality will result in fewer companies investing in audiovisual equipment, which would have a negative impact on both AV revenue and the number of AV jobs available in the industry. It remains to be seen what kind of decision the FCC will come to about how net neutrality will be approached and whether or not ISPs will be free to provide an online fast lane for organizations able to pay more for this privilege. If you are in the AV industry, it is very important to keep an eye on how net neutrality affects video conferencing so that you can be sure to react properly to any news developments about net neutrality that may impact your business.

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