Moving Social Conversations into Live Sales OpportunitiesSocial Conversations: The Game Changer

At its earliest evolution, Ecommerce had no other choice but to depend on search engine performance to help drive sales and exposure. The higher a website would rank in web search, the better its visibility and the subsequent chance of conversion. With the emergence of social media channels people became more connected and closer to one another than ever before. As such, our ability to communicate and interact through social media channels and networks began a chain reaction that has changed the entire business and sales game.

A recent survey suggests that over 70% of companies (both B2B and B2C) acknowledge the profound impact that social media has on their targeted audience in terms of increasing brand awareness. Opportunity for live interaction is the prime factor that elevates social media from the traditional search engine visibility model.

Social media platforms have identified the potential they have to impact business based on their overwhelming acceptance among users. In the past several years, we have seen both Facebook and Twitter go public, we’ve seen LinkedIn continue its domination in the business space and we’ve watched Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat take off. Most importantly, and we’ve seen these social media platforms trend toward a focus less on being a place where people congregate and chat and more on monetizing the platforms and attracting brands and advertisers hungry to reach the audiences these platforms have amassed. But does social media really create leads and provide sales opportunities? Let’s take a look.

How Does Social Media Boost Sales Opportunities?

Consumers love personalized interaction, and social media channels provide marketers with the opportunity to give them what they want. Marketers can converse, address questions, gain feedback, and more in a very personal and individual way. Recent studies have revealed that almost 61% of U.S. businesses use social platforms for conversion generation purposes. While professional platforms like LinkedIn are widely used for strategic evaluation and implementation purposes, more personalized mediums like Facebook or Pinterest can be used to directly appeal to customers’ aesthetic senses, resulting in an improved scope for sales.

In broad strokes, we can illustrate four ways that social media networks appeal to customers’ area of interest and gives marketers the opportunity to convert leads to sales. Social media offers:

  • A medium to provide flexible, personalized guidance to product usage in a creative, friendly, and engaging manner.
  • An informative platform that delivers customers with contextually-relevant products or services, based on their expressed personal favorites, previous purchases, as well as the preferences of their friends.
  • An ability to provide interactive elaboration about alternative uses for products.
  • A capability to demonstrate brand preference or loyalty (based on friends’ likes and perceptions as well as on personal preferences) and, in turn, gain customer loyalty.

Create Live Sales Opportunity

One of the most powerful features of social media is its capacity for creativity. Marketers can use social media in a variety of ways to experiment with creative techniques for drawing customer attention. Despite the fact that the majority of interactions are conversational, there is a place for other unique ways to reach customers. The popularity of using videos is but one example. The growth of video sharing platforms like YouTube, Vine, Vimeo, and Google Hangouts open new doors for marketers in terms of interaction with customers. Now product development companies can not only create interactive, intelligent, and precise instructional videos, but they can also demonstrate their customer-focused approach (one-to-one) through live communication via video.

Go Live. Build Trust. Stay Ahead of Competitors.

Mixing social conversation with live interaction fulfills customer requirements from a brand in the most constructive and comprehensive manner. Seeing is believing and that holds true a majority of the time. Once your customer has a real-time interactive opportunity with your company, it automatically becomes easier for them to develop a more personal impression about your brand on a very personal level. It becomes easier for customers to trust a company that reaches out to them where they are. Social media plays a crucial role in building brand loyalty. It makes sense to continue creating live sales opportunities by integrating social media into your marketing mix. And the really cool thing about it? You might just find yourself ahead of competitors who haven’t dared to go live in social yet.

Do you see (or have you seen) social media playing a role in converting online interaction to leads and sales? What techniques are you and your team using that have worked? If you’re not yet using social media as a place to generate leads and close sales, are you planning to do that in the coming year? We’d love to hear your thoughts. 

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Photo Credit: Barış Bay via Compfight cc