Laser Phosphor Projectors What you need to knowFor many years now projector owners have been worried about the high costs of changing projector lamps. For a long time, there were no cheaper alternatives available and the maintenance of traditional lamp-based projector was difficult at best. To a great extent, laser-based projectors have changed this scenario and they are being heralded as the latest technology that could eventually replace the lamp-based projectors.

The popularity of laser projectors

As laser-based projectors are becoming increasingly popular in the AV industry, manufacturers are introducing a wide range of laser-based projectors in today’s market. Available in many forms such as pure laser, laser phosphor, or laser phosphor hybrid, these new-age projectors are also gaining popularity among consumers due to their obvious advantages over traditional lamp-based systems.

How they work

In laser phosphor projectors, a blue laser diode acts as the light source instead of a high intensity discharge (HID) lamp. The laser diode directs light onto a phosphor wheel to create the three primary colors – red, green and blue. These colors are then directed onto an imaging surface, which allows the light to pass through a lens and finally gets projected on the screen.

Application and benefits of laser phosphor projectors

Since laser-based projectors produce higher picture quality than standard lamp-based systems, they are great for large-format applications and cinema. Laser phosphor projectors, on the other hand, are best suited for corporate boardrooms, classrooms, and location-based entertainment due to their amazing range of benefits. Some of those benefits include:

  • No need for lamp and filter replacements
  • Long-lasting  illumination system
  • Reduced down-time
  • Low-maintenance
  • Cost-effective

Is the laser phosphor projector marking the beginning of a new era for projectors?

The future of projection lies in solid state technology and laser phosphor projectors are a positive step in that direction. Laser phosphor combines the benefits of solid state with a much lower cost of ownership compared to the lamp-based projectors. Laser phosphor systems are economically better and a more viable option compared to pure laser systemsm which offer better and brighter picture quality, but which come with a higher price tag. As an added benefit, laser phosphor systems can perform well with minimum maintenance throughout their lifecycle and offer top-notch efficiency and performance for a number of years.

It’s no surprise that AV industry experts believe that laser phosphor projectors will soon enter the mainstream market and replace the existing lamp technology. It’s also predicted laser phosphor projectors will find widespread use in not only the corporate world, but as personal projection devices as well.

It’s an exciting time in the AV industry, when laser-based projection technology is about to eliminate the common drawbacks associated with the lamp-based systems. With increased performance capabilities, promise of a longer life, and a lower cost of ownership, the laster phosphor technology is set to change the way we both use projectors and benefit from them.

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photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc