AV TechnologyLike all technology, AV equipment has a relatively short lifespan. Companies focused on agility and productivity need optimized AV systems. When was the last time you upgraded your organization’s AV equipment? An AV system needs to do more than run to help an organization reach its goals. Clunky and outdated systems tend to make a company look incompetent or sit unused in conference rooms. And as more businesses, clients, and even consumers grow accustomed to using AV technology in daily life, companies need to consider how their AV equipment works within the larger business framework.

Is it Time for an Upgrade?

Functionality alone does not inspire employee adoption. In 2017, an AV system needs high- resolution displays, clear sound, and the latest technology. Use the following red flags to determine if it’s time for an upgrade.

  1. Wires and bulky hardware overrun the place. Older AV systems can feature complex setups involving large, boxy equipment and an assortment of black and brightly colored wires. If you need to hide your AV equipment with carefully chosen conference tables, shelving units, or cabinets, you may want to consider a newer system, which will provide space flexibility. Modern solutions often incorporate cloud technology for reduced hardware. Mounted microphones and speakers eliminate the need to huddle around a centralized unit during calls, and high-resolution displays and cameras remove the need for backup communication alternatives.
  1. Employees reluctantly use the system. A clunky, outdated system complicates communication. When your employees don’t use the AV systems to their fullest potential, you’re sacrifice productivity, savings, and profitability.
  1. The user experience is unreliable. For AV systems to deliver optimal results, they need a user-friendly interface and on-demand functionality. Frequent glitches, the need for constant IT support and spotty service all indicate the need for an upgrade. A well-designed system will include cloud support and updates, system redundancies to eliminate glitches, and reliable service.
  1. The equipment provides a poor audio-visual experience. The sound and viewing experience can make or break projects—and deals. Invest in large flat screen displays with the appropriate inputs for AV systems to give users a crystal clear view of call attendees. Vet all microphone and speaker systems for quality and consistency. A high- quality AV system features professional AV equipment to eliminate annoying sound interferences, booming basses, and tinny trebles.
  1. You have limited integration capabilities. Technological agility is a hallmark of excellent business communications. If a client or new employee asks for additional AV functionality, can your current system handle the request? Modern equipment supports on-demand products, including hybrid videoconferencing and unified communications tools such as content sharing and text. System software needs to support users with different devices, capabilities, and needs.

Unified communications featuring a blend of devices, capabilities, and connectivity gives employees and clients improved flexibility. It also supports a one-culture mission in small and large organizations. AV technology directly enhances unified communication integrations.

If any or most of these red flags apply to a current AV system setup, start searching for an upgrade. Video is quickly becoming the go-to mode for business communication. Your organization’s productivity, customer satisfaction, and innovation are all impacted by the quality of your AV network.

Real World Benefits of Upgraded AV

One of Advanced AV’s clients, a global biopharmaceutical company, upgraded its AV system to improve flexibility for meetings, training sessions, and client events. The upgrades included a collaboration-friendly user interface, space-specific designs to enhance sound and video quality, and leading hardware for improved reliability. As a result, the organization can communicate with clients and employees across the world. The solution supports cost-savings and environment-conscious goals without sacrificing conference space or program quality.

The company’s upgrade reflects the possibilities for all businesses researching AV systems. Improve communications, innovative collaboration, and productivity with a user-friendly and customized audio-visual system.

A monumental shift in the way we communicate is already here—but there is more to come as technology continues to advance. If you suspect it’s time to replace or upgrade your current AV system, let us help.

At Advanced AV we empower live meetings and remote collaboration by deploying the technology that helps your organization connect, communicate and engage with its customers, employees, and stakeholders. Connect with us to find out more about how Advanced AV can help you achieve your business and technology goals.
photo credit: Stuck in Customs via photopin (license)