Interactive Projectors What You Should Consider Before Making a PurchaseMany people holding meetings or teaching in classrooms have seen how transformative interactive whiteboards are. They have the ability to hold the audience’s attention longer than traditional meeting tools. But, smartboards, as they are called, are prohibitively expensive and lack the ability for collaboration in the small spaces most meetings are held in. Enter the interactive projector. Interactive projectors are gaining in popularity as cost-effective and portable alternatives to interactive whiteboards. The projected visuals now support more interactivity, improving the user experience, and encouraging participation. Plus, with the emergence of touch technology, interactivity has taken on a whole new meaning, with the projectors fitting into that space perfectly. People can join in using a stylus or just their finger. To pick the best projector that suits your needs, you need to consider the following factors.

Choose the Right Size

Interactive projectors are ideal for small spaces. The equipment comes in various sizes and what will work best depends on where it will be placed in the room. For instance, if the projector is going to be on a table top or hidden in the ceiling, something of a smaller scale would be better. If it will hang from the ceiling, you want to make sure it doesn’t hang too low. Assess the placement, before settling on which size is right.

Consider the Distance

Size isn’t the only factor you should consider when you purchase a projector. The right option depends upon the distance between the projector and the displayed area. Typically, in a long conference room, projectors are placed in the back. To view pictures with clarity in a large room, auditorium or conference venue, you need a long-throw projector. These work best if you have a large presentation screen on which to display images.

Just as long-throw-capability works best for big conference rooms, short-throw projectors work well in board rooms where the equipment is placed close to the wall and images are displayed on screen. These projectors are usually hung from the ceiling and are ideal for rooms where 10 to 20 people interact with the screen.

Not all conference rooms are alike. Just like the long-throw and the short-throw versions, interactive projectors are also available with ultra-short throw capability. These are specifically meant for huddle rooms or other small meeting spaces where the projector sits close to the image. They are used in places that are not wide enough to accommodate a short-throw projector, but that still need to display a good quality five foot image on the screen.

Check for Proper Interactivity

Another important consideration is the level of interactivity you need with the projector. The new generation of projectors provide people with myriad choices: Features such as on-screen typing, screen manipulation, slide scrolling, the ability to make annotations, and even screen-capturing. Many have capabilities that mimic tablets and smartphones with interactivity at your fingertips. The price of your system and installation will depend heavily on the complexity of the projector you purchase. You don’t need to pay more for features you won’t use, yet you want to make sure the projector you buy will fit all your needs.

Smart technologies are constantly improving how we conduct business. With innovative tools like interactive projectors, companies are gaining a competitive edge by adopting smarter practices, which are more cost-effective and optimize productivity. There are many options available in the world of interactive projectors. No matter how much or how little space you have, what features you need, or what your budget is, your business can use take advantage of all the possibilities this emerging technology has to offer.

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photo credit: Day 272: “Table top projection” via photopin (license)