How Technology Adds Value to the Employee ExperienceWe all learn in different ways. While some prefer visual aids and others audio files, there are people who need a bit of both. Businesses are now looking for advanced and innovative solutions to empower and retain their people. With the right technology, it is possible to empower employees to become more effective, resulting in better research, better presentations, and better performance.

A PWC report finds that millennials are different from previous generations in a variety of ways. Most significantly, this generation “views work as a thing not a place.” For them, productivity is not measured by hours worked but by output and goals achieved. Most importantly, this generation prioritizes work/life balance; in fact, it’s mandatory for them. Based on the findings of this study, PWC implements new practices into daily work, improving their retention rates significantly.

We now live in a time where it is necessary to honor employee engagement in new ways. It is time to re-think talent, right from the recruiting process to employee engagement, retention, and rewarding. According to Gallup, employee disengagement causes U.S. companies to incur an annual loss of between $450 billion and $550 billion.

Technologies like cloud computing, mobility, telepresence, and web conferencing make remote employment a reality today as employees work in different locations and still collaborate anytime, from anywhere.

It is now possible to obtain and share knowledge around-the-clock. In fact, this trend is currently accelerating due to faster Internet connectivity and mobile devices.

Technology also increases the overall flexibility and diversity of an organization. In addition, it enhances a company’s capability to adapt to the changing needs of its people. In other words, technological adoptions help employers to become people-centric, which improve the company’s overall performance and increases employee retainment.

More and more companies, as a result, are incorporating new work arrangements such as video conference calls, compressed work schedules, telecommuting, and non-traditional work hours.

Today, people remain connected 24/7 from anywhere, anytime, and across organizational lines via multiple devices. Businesses can teach its employees about their ‘own’ brand value to enhance customer offerings through leveraging this growing trend.

Last but not least, technology enables employees to be heard and acknowledged across traditional organizational reporting structures through dialogue and collaboration.

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Photo Credit: Dell’s Official Flickr Page via Compfight cc