How Apps and Digital Signage Are Changing the Event IndustryHere’s a stunning statistic: As of today, 22 percent of the world’s population owns a smartphone. When you think about how many people populate this planet, you realize that’s a whole lot of people. One of the biggest industries to come out of the smartphone explosion is, of course, application creation. Apps are designed to make all of our lives more efficient, and nowhere do you appreciate that function more than when you are at a huge event. An event app allows attendees to customize their experience, everything from profile registration to scheduling to event management creating a completely unique experience for each attendee—all of which lives conveniently on your mobile device.

Similarly, digital signage can attract people to an event and give them an interactive experience. See how these important pieces of technology are shaping the way we tackle event management.

Employ Technology to Encourage an Interactive Experience

Event apps help create an experience where users can seamlessly interact with their environments. Attendees become an integral part of the experience through polls and surveys, and, at a particularly large event, they can navigate quickly and easily from place to place and venue to venue using maps, accessing transportation information, and viewing (and sharing) personal recommendations. Event managers can encourage this interactive smartphone usage, but using the app to collect important attendee information, things like photos, sign-ups, and payments. Event apps help keep event sponsors happy as well, allowing them to connect with people who stopped by, or showed interest in their booths or exhibit.

Digitalizing media also encourages event goers to connect to their experiences. In a recent survey, sixty-three percent of those surveyed said digital signage captured their attention over outdated paper banners and posters. It’s obvious that advertising through digital media provides a more aesthetic avenue for potential attendees to connect with events in their areas.

Engage on Social Media

Event planners are increasingly realizing the potential of social media. To create a truly interactive experience, occasions must maintain a social media presence. Through outlets like Facebook and Twitter, event staff encourage attendees to weigh in and share their experiences online. Digital signage can serve as a social media wall that engages all event goers with others by streaming footage of tweets, status updates, or selfies.

Plan Ahead With the Right Tools

Apps make planning and coordinating easier for event managers, as well. Technology allows these specialists to streamline their processes for any type of experience, including:

  • Plan everything out, track your clients’ budgets, check RSVPs, and handle registries from a mobile device. Have your client’s information at your fingertips so they can focus on the important stuff.
  • Entertainment events. For large scale affairs like concerts and film screenings, apps can help you coordinate complicated logistics. You can find an event coordination app to download, or you can design your own with an interface unique to your event. This can help you coordinate with staff members, talent and VIPs, and any contracted services.
  • Business affairs. Entertainment events aren’t the only ones prone to logistical hitches. Despite our best intentions, business conferences often fail to meet their potential. Use a centralized application to encourage employees to keep to a schedule and attend all mandatory events. The average American spends at least two hours a day on a cell phone, so mobile technology is a surefire way to keep company gatherings on track.

Mobile technology and digital signage are primed to make event coordination—and event attendance—easier and more efficient. With widespread adoption by event planners, companies can look forward to more interactive and resourceful engagements in the future.

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Photo Credit: MiBSi via Compfight cc