Digital signage is a field that has taken off in recent years, thanks in part to the advancement of display technology and the increasing need for facilities to be able to deliver information to people in a timely fashion. According to some industry experts, there will be 22 million digital signs by 2015. However, in order for signage to be as effective as possible, there must be something for the sign to display and an audience interested in the sign’s content. There are a few digital signage content best practices that all users of digital signage should keep in mind whether they are looking to set up new signage or change their existing signage.

The Kind Of Content Available On Digital Signage

Digital signage can fulfill a wide variety of informational needs depending on the kind of facility the sign is in and the audience that the sign is targeted towards. Some of the more common types of information displayed on digital signage include:

  • Maps: maps that are placed on digital signage are very important to allow visitors to a facility to find the rooms and locations that they are looking for. The advantage of digital signage is that these maps can be interactive depending on where the viewer is looking to go, which means visitors can choose what kind of maps they are specifically looking for
  • News updates: getting news updates such as departmental closures or information about traffic or weather is very useful for people looking to stay current on the latest stories that will impact their lives
  • Company messages: some of the other helpful kinds of digital signage content include announcements, video messages, and other communications that a company or organization wants to convey to customers or building visitors

How To Optimize Digital Signage

No matter what kind of content is being displayed on digital signage, it is important that companies and other organizations operating them incorporate digital signage content best practices so they can work effectively. If you are looking to get the most out of your digital content, it is important to remember certain key concepts:

  • Signage must be very updated: be sure that you have methods of keeping your signage up to date, whether you link them to conventional computer networks or remote tools that can update signage from any location
  • Signage should resolve customer challenges: think about what visitors to your building or facility will need to know. For example, hospital visitors may need to know where their loved ones are while they are visiting
  • Signage should be in the right places: one of the most vital elements of digital signage content is making sure that it is displayed in the right places. Waiting areas, conference rooms, visitor rooms, and other areas where people can congregate or go for information are all great places for digital signage

People looking to maximize their ROI on digital signage must make sure that they engage in the best practices possible for digital signage. With the right kind of applications and sufficient attention paid to digital signage content best practices, digital signage can help provide information, guide visitors, and offer updates about circumstances that may affect people in a given location.

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