The Future of Training is On-DemandOver the past several years, enterprise video solutions have not only evolved, but have also witnessed incredible changes in the way they are adopted. According to The Top 10 E-Learning Statistics for 2014 You Need to Know, nearly 41.7% of global Fortune 500 companies apply some kind of technology to help provide employees with more organized learning sessions, and it is expected that the figure will rise steadily in future.

While training videos have been around for almost a decade, today’s adaptation is different on many levels.  In the past, organizations used DVDs and video home systems (VHS) to train their workforce without considering the security risks to critical data. However, today’s advanced video conferencing technologies ensure secure sharing of data.  This means increased levels of productivity without potential risk factors.

Advantage of Training Videos lies in Making them On-Demand

Today, training via videos offers extreme flexibility, allowing you and your employees to use them in a plethora of different ways. For instance, you can host live training sessions, stream them via the Internet, burn them onto a DVD, copy and paste them onto USB sticks, embed them in Power Point presentations, or email them to anyone who needs them. However, the most pronounced benefit of training videos today lies in how they can be adapted to the on-demand world.

On-demand video creates convenience at the right time. Today with air-tight corporate schedules, aggressive targets, and deadlines, employees are always hard-pressed for time. Often, training and meeting sessions turn out to be time-guzzlers, while managers run into various limitations while planning to train their teams.  This type of training is not only expensive, tiring, and time consuming, but it is also significantly counter-productive. With on-demand training videos, employees have the option to enhance their learning curve without hampering their productivity.

On-demand videos can provide the benefits of embedded learning. It’s a fact that we lose precious production time when we take people away from their work to train them. While we need to provide employees with learning opportunities, it’s best to do so within the context of their work. For instance, managers can drop a link to a short video, or a podcast in the emails to their team members and tell them how it can improve their performance down the road. This gives people a clear incentive to take the training, while allowing them to save the link for a more convenient time to view. To ensure that the training efforts of an organization are successful, relevant videos or online demonstrations can be placed all over the workplace where people can use them, such as on intranets, in CRMs, etc.

Training videos can be referenced again and again. Another huge advantage of video training is that the materials can be easily referenced whenever the employees have the need. While this is something that we don’t often think about, the truth is that employees tend to forget details as time passes, therefore, it pays to have readily available training materials that will allow employees to refresh their knowledge when the need arises.  Having videos on file will also benefit new employees who enter your workforce and need training; and it would also assist employees changing positions within an organization without creating the need for anyone to repeat a training presentation.

Video training – A Cost-Effective way to Train Better

Gone are the days when companies had to spend thousands of dollars to conduct trainings and hire experienced professionals. With company branches placed all over the globe, training geographically is no problem when using video. Video training can eliminate time and costs related to employee travel, while also providing the best learning experiences for employees.

Of course, the need for formal training sessions will always be there, but they are longer the only training option. With videos, employees have the power to decide the most convenient time for refining their knowledge in any area without letting it get in the way of their productivity.

Can you think of any areas where video on-demand training would work for your business?

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