AR VR selling solutionsDeploying cutting-edge technology benefits businesses on many levels. From marketing to human resources, to sales, technology is improving operational efficiency across the organization. So, what’s the latest technology designed to helped companies exceed projections? The answer may surprise you.

While we commonly associate augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) with displays and video games, they offer significant benefits for sales departments as well. Let’s examine in-depth how and why AV and VR are powerful AV technologies for companies and sales teams.

Five Sales Benefits of AR and VR

  1. Increased Communication and Collaboration for Sales Teams. Communication within a sales team is a crucial part of their success. AR and VR do wonders to improve both communication and collaboration within a sales team. And, VR offers sales teams new ways to interact not only with each other, but as importantly, with clients and prospects. Imagine, instead of a conference call, team members and clients meeting in a virtual conference room with the ability to see and interact with each other in real time. Inserting others into VR can help sales reps read physical gestures and nonverbal communication, helping them better understand their colleagues and clients. Moreover, having the ability to read physical gestures also allows sales reps to deliver information in a clearer, more concise manner than through video chat or a traditional conference call.
  1. Client Engagement. One of the most beneficial features of VR is that it allows potential customers to engage with products. Not only does this engagement through VR enable consumers to understand the product better, but it also helps in the research process along the path to purchase. How? Instead of relying on branded or user-generated content alone, VR makes it possible for prospective clients to interact with potential solutions in ways presentations never could.
  2. Interactive Content. AR also has multiple benefits in a sales environment. Time is money, and customers expect their sales reps to communicate relevant content effectively and efficiently. AR makes it easy for sales reps to present the client with complex content in an easily digestible format. Not only does AR help the rep make a compelling presentation, but it also demonstrates the use of up-to-date technology, which gives sales reps an advantage over their competitors.
  3. Simplification of the Onboarding Process. Training and onboarding are important parts of any business. Making sure new hires get the most recent and relevant information possible will help them succeed. AR and VR tech are helping change the training process for the better. Both AR and VR gives trainers the power to simulate situations new employees will likely face in their new positions. Immersing new hires into virtual situations doesn’t just help take the pressure off, but it also gives them invaluable experience. For example, if a manufacturing company uses AR and VR tech to train employees, they can simulate a dangerous malfunction virtually. The employee is then able to observe the correct way to deal with the particular malfunction, safely without the threat of actual harm.
  1. Personalized Training. Another primary benefit of incorporating AR and VR tech into the training process is the collaboration factor. Trainers would be able to give one-on-one attention to each trainee, allowing for questions and feedback. If sales reps wanted to practice sales pitches before a meeting, for example, they could do so through AR and VR, gathering feedback to help them improve.

The Takeaway

AR and VR technology offer broad range of benefits for sales teams across all areas of business. Not only do these technologies allow for a more concise and clear presentation of content, but they also transform the training process into an immersive experience with relevant information. If sales teams want to edge out the competition, AR and VR tech will give them the advantages they need.

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