unified communicationUnified communications (UC) combines all communication channels over a single digital connection to provide a number of benefits to organizations. It’s not surprising many more businesses are adopting UC technology every year. A report from Transparency Market Research indicates that by 2018 the unified communications market is projected to grow to $61.9 billion. Businesses can harness all the advantages of UC by controlling all the digital exchanges within its infrastructure.

The following are some of ways UC technology can benefit your company, no matter how big or small.


  1. Improved Flexibility and Efficiency

Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) provides more flexibility to companies and their employees than analog or traditional networks. In a BYOD (bring your own device) work climate with many employees working from different locations, UCaaS streamlines messaging. It uses a unified inbox and a single phone number for all communication needs. As a result, less time is wasted searching and organizing information, allowing employees to focus on core tasks.

  1. Secure Data Storage

UCaaS can turn your audio signals into digital data. This encrypts the data and adds an extra layer of security to your business information. Unified communications ensure that sensitive information you send through email, phone or fax will be seen only by the intended recipients.

Businesses require a higher level of security today and UC can provide that safeguard especially when combined with robust user-authentication systems.

  1. Cost Reduction

No two businesses are exactly the same. The needs of a start-up will differ from the demands of a global organization. UC recognizes those differences and can scale its services accordingly.

With UC, businesses can pay for the traffic they need instead of paying a set rate, which was the case with traditional systems. Most UC vendors offer customized packages to make it affordable for small and medium businesses.

All information goes through a single server reducing maintenance costs and making it easy to upgrade the system.

  1. Time Savings

UC offers many features to help save time and money. For businesses that are global or run operations in various locations, short-number dialing eliminates the need to dial area codes. Similarly, there is a multi-device ringing option that connects an employee’s PC and work phone with his or her mobile phone. Users can access all these devices simultaneously and transfer a call seamlessly from one device to another.

This feature allows businesses to be in constant contact with their clients, making for happy customers.

  1. Better Business Collaboration

Videoconferencing plays a key role in business communications. By leveraging UC platforms that facilitate audio, video, and web conferences, businesses can improve collaboration across the entire organization. No matter what location employees are in, the virtual environment that UC allows offers colleagues the opportunity to share ideas and views in real time. Employers can also hold meetings and discuss important issues with their offshore partners and clients without having to travel to do so.

Unified communications gives businesses a competitive advantage, enhancing employee productivity while ensuring customer satisfication. Incorporating a UC platform gives you the power to compete successfully and more profitably.

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