Evaluating AVMost companies these days have integrated an AV system into their office environment. The IT department and managers have worked with integrators to bring in the latest technology and made sure the office is equipped to handle the needs of the employees. However, once installed, all too often there’s not a continued focus on monitoring employee user experience and continuing to educate users about the equipment, as well as tweaking the equipment as needed to adapt better to the user needs.

Why Employee User Experience Matters

Why does employee user experience (UX) matter? In short, it’s everything! If a system is not delivering an intuitive, exceptional experience for your internal teams, they’ll not only be frustrated, but it’s likely they’ll bypass using the AV system altogether.

Think about the apps and programs that you use, both from a personal and a business standpoint. Chances are your favorites are easy to use and have a great UX. Now, consider for a minute the ones you don’t like—the clunky ones that take forever to load or are complicated to use. What if you were required to use those for work? I can hear the groans from here.

The Key Benefits of Delivering a Great UX for Internal AV System Users

When your AV systems can provide a great UX for internal users, everything is better. Collaboration is easier, meetings are easier, and serving clients is easier. Let’s look at some of the key benefits an AV system that delivers an amazing UX can deliver for businesses:

  1. Happy Staff. When you make it easy for employees to do their jobs, collaborate with one another and with customers, you make it easy for them to be successful and deliver great results. Doesn’t everyone strive for that in the workplace? We think so. Happier people lead to increased employee retention, which is extremely beneficial to the organization. Greater retention means lower recruiting and training costs, so a happy staff is a significant benefit.
  1. Productive Teams. The ability to collaborate more effectively leads to increased productivity, more connected teams, and better work product. There’s nothing not to like about that.
  1. More Satisfied Customers. Happy, productive employees and teams logically mean that customers are getting the benefit, and are more satisfied as a result. Satisfied customers stay around longer, spend more, and refer other customers to your business. There is no end to the benefits that focusing on satisfied customers delivers.
  1. Increased Profitability and Growth. Happy staffers, increased productivity, satisfied customers—all these things ultimately lead to increased profitability and growth, and that’s the goal, right?

So how do you wrap this all up and make sure you’re delivering a great user experience as you invest in improved AV systems? We’ll admit to bias on this front, but when you work with an integrator to help find the right solution, it’s a big benefit. Integrators bring the knowledge about a myriad of different customer solutions with which they’ve been involved to your organization. An integrator can help you assess the unique needs of your team and your business operation and quickly and efficiently help guide you on the best equipment to meet your needs.

Whether you work with an integrator or not, starting with a strategy that includes a thorough assessment of the problems you need to solve is important. If you’re going the path of testing different solutions, beta test with a small group of employees, get their feedback, and use it to help select the right solution for you and your business.

There’s much more you can do to ensure your ultimate purchase of AV equipment delivers the ultimate in user experience. If you’d like a deeper dive into why UX is so important when it comes to collaboration? Use our Instant Download option to grab this whitepaper: Why User Experience is Critical to Better Business Collaboration.

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photo credit: Audiotecna Codev2 verde via photopin (license)