Digital Transformation Shifting How We CommunicateIt’s no secret that digital transformation has impacted every aspect of operating a modern business.

We know that the digital age affects every department in an enterprise, from human resources to c-suite execs—but we hear less about how it shifts an organization as a whole, and even less about the ways in which it communicates. Mobility in communication creates the greatest change, as employees are more connected than ever before. With business right at our fingertips via tablet, smartphone, and laptop, how has the digital transformation affected internal and external enterprise communication?

Changing the Way We Communicate Internally

The digital age has a profound effect on the way we conduct business within an organization. A recent survey by Omobono shows that, in terms of communication, departments are becoming increasingly less siloed. An average of 62 percent of a business’ internal communication budget was for digital, among the highest of any department. Intranet remains a primary mode of digital investment, but interestingly, so is social media. Internal communications are changing in subtle ways as well: we use Slack instead of email and intranet instead of paper and physical mailboxes.

The way we collaborate and conduct meetings is also changing. Rather than holding phone meetings, we meet via video conference. This kind of collaboration allows for the nuances and facial cues of a face-to-face meeting without the travel time and expense.

The digital transformation even affects the way we train employees. Instead of gathering everyone in a single conference room, workers can attend webinars right from their cubicles or even their couches. Today’s technology allows businesses to communicate and collaborate more efficiently within the internal space.

Improving Your Communication with Customers

Just like employees are more connected, so are consumers. As such, contemporary consumers expect much more out of their customer experience. Technology has gifted us with an insatiable appetite for convenience: we know what we want, and we want it as quickly as possible. Technology can help marketing departments answer these demands in a couple of ways:

  • Chatbots: Chatbots are available for live help 24 hours a day. Chatbot technology has taken off over the past few years. Devices like Amazon’s Echo are becoming a mainstay in households. Automated phone systems are more sophisticated and provide customers with needed support on their schedules. If an automated response won’t do, some businesses have live representatives standing by to take over—with the customer’s information already logged in the system.
  • Live and prerecorded video: Live video feeds and prerecorded videos help customers get assistance when needed. Video demonstrations of product assembly and appropriate use are excellent examples. Live webinars that help consumers make the most of their products enhance the experience as well.

Digital communication also helps marketers get the most out of customer communications and generate new leads while converting others. Social media provides unprecedented opportunities for consumers to get involved with a company’s brand: users can tweet, Instagram or Facebook pictures with hashtags to score promotions, or post their reviews directly to a company’s social media account.

Just as it provides opportunities, however, the digital transformation also poses challenges. Businesses are under constant scrutiny online. Companies must pay particular attention to online reputation management to protect themselves and keep consumers engaged with their brands. They must also monitor employee use of technology and provide training in each new technological solution they implement in the workplace. All in all, with appropriate consideration, technology is changing the way we work and live for the better.

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Photo Credit: Tom_310 via Compfight cc