Digital Signage and Social Media—Real Time Interaction Improving Experiences Social media has become a widely popular and effective tool for marketers. Digital signage has also burst on the scene as a way for companies to display relevant content to consumers.  In fact, 63 percent of people see at least one digital sign a day, and digital signage captures 400 percent more views than traditional signs. So what happens when companies combine social media and digital signage—increased revenue, improved engagement, and better customer experiences.  Let’s take a detailed look at how companies are combining social media and digital signage to revolutionize how customers interact with content.

Real-Time Interaction

Recent technological advancements allow consumers to interact with digital signage via beacons. Many companies are already taking advantage of beacon technology, but the real interconnectivity consumers crave comes when social media and digital signage work together.

A major reason social media is rewriting the rules of digital signage is because it allows users to interact with content on their own terms.  Digital signage allows users to interact through their own devices and social media feeds, delivers a more engaging customer experience, and enables real-time interaction between signage and consumers.

User-Generated Content and Digital Signage

User-generated content (UGC) has become a staple for many marketers—for good reason. UGC is now responsible for 28 percent of brand engagement, and consumers from every demographic now trust UGC more than brand created content. While it might cause problems for marketers in specific industries, using digital signage to display and share UGC can have a major impact on a brand’s image.

Companies can display a never-ending stream of positive UGC via social media posts mentioning the brand or a specific hashtag.  Brands can use technology to automatically filter out negative or inappropriate posts, ensuring only social media posts that help a brand’s image are displayed.

Positive UGC—on average—increases sales between 13 and 18 percent. Using digital signage in conjunction with social media to display UGC can have a major impact on brand’s sales and cultivating a specific brand image.

Personalized Digital Signage Via Social Media

In today’s increasingly digitalized marketplace, consumers expect unique and personalized experiences. Digital signage enables these unique experiences through social media by encouraging real-time conversations about the brand and thereby improving customer engagement.

Integrating social media and digital signage provides users with a reason to create content, and allows them to personalize the content itself, and allows marketers to let consumers generate. This UGC can then be displayed by digital signage to cultivate a brand image. An image consumers helped create through personalized content establishes a deeper connection between users and the brand.

The Future of Wearables and Digital Signage

Wearable tech is on the cusp of making a major splash in the digital signage and social media worlds. Soon, retailers will be able to send personalized alerts, notifications, and deals directly to wearable technology. Using the location settings on wearable tech can allow digital signs with beacon technology to track the shopping patterns of specific consumers. Wearable tech also allows users to create UGC and instantly share it on social media. These posts can then be picked up by digital signage and displayed. Wearable technology is not yet part of the mainstream digital signage world, but it will sooner rather than later.

The Takeaway

The benefits of digital signage compared to traditional signs are well documented. However, as digital signage technology continues to advance, new and more effective uses are being discovered. Integrating social media with digital signage technology allows companies to create and display personalized content. Alongside personalized content, the ability to display UGC is proven to increase sales and promote better brand recognition. Social media has established itself as one of the leading tools marketers use to promote brands and products, but when social media is integrated with digital signage, the benefits begin to multiply.

Photo Credit: Gráfica Muito Mais Barata Flickr via Compfight cc