Today’s post is by Michael Boettcher, CEO of Advanced AV. 

As a company that for what seems like an eternity has been installing hardware into technology driven spaces we have to some extent dreaded the rapid proliferation of technology that has driven new categories like Mobility, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Software as a Service (Saas).

Although many of us use these technologies day in and day out (glancing at my iPAD), there is always a certain amount of discomfort that surfaces when a major change to the way we do business is introduced.

Perhaps you can consider a time or two when your business model has been changed due to some type of industry disruption. Maybe it is technology related or maybe in your industry it is something else. Some of the examples that come to mind are hybrid automobiles, computer aided graphics and online media as major business model shifts that have turned industries on their side.

For the audiovisual integration and collaboration industry our time is coming and as a business we have a couple of choices.  We can:

  1. Let the change happen and hope that we can hang on doing things the way we always have.
  2. See the change as an opportunity to provide greater service and newer technologies to our customers.

We Chose The Latter

It would actually be pretty odd for us to come out and write about this type of industry shift if we were going to go any other way, but I think any business leader can respect the process of exploring your options.

Last week I came across a photo on one of my LinkedIn pages that said the most dangerous phrase in business is “Because it is the way we have always done it.”

The photo seemed timely because not only do I agree with the sentiment, but also because time and time again we have seen businesses that missed the change that was happening around them and they suffered. In some cases, for instance Kodak, the shift was missed and it led to a great brands’ demise.

Great Things To Come

While we are still in the process of exploring and vetting the next steps of our transformation, we think it is important that our customers recognize that we are making these changes right along side you.

We are opening doors to SaaS type offerings like video Communication, monitoring services and signage on demand so our customers can leverage technology on demand to solve business problems.  We are going to take into consideration the importance of mobile compatibility and BYOD to make sure that what we are delivering is what your teams are asking for.

But please know that we aren’t going away from the things we have long done well like design systems, integrate new (and refreshed) spaces and provide the best service to all of our clients. Those are still at the core of what we do and we will continue to do them so long as our customers need us.

However, times are changing. You see it and we see it as well. We are excited about what is ahead and we look forward to working with you as technologies evolve and your always-changing needs cross paths with the great solutions we can deliver.

If your company is interested in learning how cloud can support its growing collaboration and presentation technologies, we would love to have a conversation. Let’s connect and see what is possible together.