Build Your Argument for Unified Communications in Your OrganizationToday, every company, large or small, is challenged by the two most critical business necessities—seamless collaboration and reduced cost of operations. We’ve entered an era of limited resources where businesses are expected to do more for less. Unified communications (UC) offers solutions that integrate collaborative communications technologies to help streamline business processes, ultimately improving operations while cutting costs.

There have been tremendous changes in the workplace with the rise of BYOD (bring your own device), remote work, and the fast-paced shift to enterprise mobility—where employees are working on the go with all different types of devices. Because of this, it’s more critical than ever for organizations to understand how unified communications can benefit day-to-day business operations. However, moving to UC may not always be an easy sell to everyone in the company. The first big challenge is resistance from an unsure C-suite and/or board. How can IT leaders build a convincing case for UC?

Improved collaboration is just one of the benefits of integrating UC in your business processes. UC deployment allows employees to collaborate, and exchange and share resources quickly, which helps foster faster and better decisions. A Forrester report found that with UC solutions, an IT consultancy reduced the time its sales team took to produce complex RFP responses by almost 20 percent. This allows for a business to respond to more RFPs, giving them more opportunities to generate revenue.

The report also indicated that UC solutions can help businesses reduce costs for carrier communications by 30 to 40 percent, and allow them to pare down the network complexities and associated costs.

But, for businesses to truly embrace all that UC solutions can offer, and in order to firm up your argument for investing in UC, it is important to highlight the benefits by aligning them with key business objectives.

Arguments Favoring Unified Communications

IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams responsible for getting C-suite buy-in for UC integration must show how it will help their organization achieve their business goals. Let’s explore three categories where UC solutions can offer the most advantages.

Operational Benefits

These benefits, also known as hard-dollar costs savings, include cost reductions in combined networks, IT management, and travel, to name a few. According to a recent white paper, UC led businesses to better productivity while reducing costs as much as 40 percent, by enabling seamless integration with the cloud and leveraging BYOD practices. In fact, by extending UC solutions beyond communications and into collaboration, businesses can double their ROI on UC.

Productivity Benefits

When using UC to deliver new products, increase customer satisfaction, or reduce the sales cycle, businesses generate progressive value. By forecasting an increase in the number of new product launches each year, and calculating the market share and revenue growth, I&O professionals can highlight the potential for UC-driven reduction in the product development cycle time. Companies can then push out more product in less time, greatly increasing their productivity.

Strategic Benefits

IT managers can get stakeholders and senior executives to support UC initiatives by stressing the advantages that have the most strategic impact. UC deployments can strengthen global operations, improve innovation, streamline communications and collaboration, enhance customer satisfaction, and help to retain employees. Doing business in different locations and time zones is no longer an issue with UC, opening up a world of possibilities.

The advantages unified communications can offer today’s businesses are continually growing as technology changes. Organizations should consider UC as not just a tech upgrade, but as an important and cost-effective way to grow their business. When the C-suite is shown all the benefits and opportunities UC solutions can offer the whole organization, they will realize how it isn’t just the cost of doing business, but the best way to keep ahead in this face-paced business world.

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