Boost Innovation and Productivity with Video CollaborationCollaboration has long been a key to business success. As the global economy continues to expand and the number of remote workers rises every day, finding efficient ways for teams to collaborate—whether across town, states, or international borders—becomes increasingly important.

Seamless communication leads to more effective collaboration and the ability to bring products and services to market faster. Video collaboration tools help prevent misunderstandings that can occur through telephone or email communications, while boosting productivity and the potential for businesses to innovate.

Video Collaboration: “See” How It Can Help Your Business

The average businessperson sends and receives 122 emails per day and spends 31 hours per month in unproductive meetings, according to some reports. And that’s not counting the time spent traveling to and from those meetings.

There are also plenty of times in a typical workday that the potential for optimal innovation and productivity is diminished due to distractions. In a report, 89 percent of office workers admitted to wasting time each day, with 61 percent saying they waste at least 30 minutes.

Today’s popular open office environments exacerbate the problem. While open office environments encourage collaboration, studies show they reduce productivity. In fact, 41 percent of workers recently reported that they could not concentrate in their open office environment, leading to an average loss of 86 minutes per day.

Companies that embrace video collaboration tools can help their employees get those valuable minutes back. Many set up informal huddle spaces with video collaboration tools to boost productivity while minimizing distractions, or dedicated video conference or telepresence spaces to improve concentration. Today’s immersive telepresence technologies help conference participants focus on the person speaking, rather than background distractions like a bustling office space.

With varying levels of required investment, integrating video collaboration tools into existing workspaces can be a cost-effective and user-friendly tool for today’s tech-savvy workforce. Here are a few other reasons video collaboration is a smart move:

Companies that use video collaboration can act more quickly to bring ideas to market – and even boost quality. It’s a given that video conferences save travel time, but it may be surprising to learn that they can actually be more effective than some in-person meetings (without losing the face-to-face element).

Many video collaboration tools have built-in data-sharing features that simply aren’t replicable across a boardroom table. In addition, recorded video conferences provide the data necessary to meet security and regulatory requirements in some industries. With the expansive security and scheduling capabilities available on many video collaboration tools, well-vetted ideas can ultimately be brought to market quicker.

Video collaboration tools help streamline communication. Meeting face-to-face over a video call allows participants to read one another’s visual cues in real time, even if those communicating are located across the country or the globe. These interactions, whether spontaneous or scheduled, improve communication, morale, and camaraderie among participants.

Video conferencing brings the right people together regardless of geography, paving the way for innovation and growth. Gallup reports that 37 percent of workers telecommute, and that number is on the rise. Thanks to video collaboration tools, hiring and employee placement today can be based on skillsets rather than proximity. This fact alone boosts the potential for the growth of existing ideas and the birth of new ones.

The same concept also applies to non-employee communication. With video collaboration technology, meetings with everyone from remotely located clients to short-on-time subject matter experts needn’t require complicated and expensive travel agendas.

The Takeaway

In the end, the ability to share an idea and turn a concept into a reality is a key driver of business growth. This requires effective communication that’s nurtured and encouraged on a corporate level. Video collaboration tools present cost-effective, productivity-boosting solutions that enable businesses to stay competitive in today’s global economy.

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