Better Projects Through Better Sales ConsultingWhen it comes to AV integration projects, a critical step is often overlooked – pre-project sales consulting. Most integrators follow the list of requirements handed to them by the client without questioning their real need. We agree that with more available information today’s consumers are better informed, but they still need professional assistance to be able to decide what’s best suited to their requirements. It is, in fact, the responsibility of sales professionals to take the information and make it highly useful to the client. If this aspect is not taken care of, a wide gap arises between what the client wants and what he or she gets, defeating the ultimate purpose of the project as a whole.

So, how do we add value to the clients on top of what we are being asked to sell? The answer lies in pre-project consulting, which is geared toward fully understanding the client’s needs and then applying the available information to offer greater solutions.

Know your clients

Knowing your clients is the most important first step for all your AV integration projects. This comes down to listening to what your clients say, understanding what they do, helping to identify the challenges they face, as well as their overall goals. This is also the time you should ensure that your client knows your processes and understands the full scope of your dleiverables, and is comfortable with all elements of the process, including the timeline.

Keep the conversation going as you encourage your clients to talk about the specific challenges they, as well as the end-users, are facing. This will not only help you up your clients’ comfort level, it will also give you insights into their real needs.

Enhance their ideas

Some clients come with a blank slate, while some have merely the basic ideas – and it’s not at all unusual that you’ll need to come prepared to educate your client. They might seem well informed, which is awesome, but chances are good you’ll be able to offer invaluable guidance and assistance based on your past experience as well as your industry know-how. Explain to them what is possible, what is difficult to achieve, or what is downright impractical—give them all the information and all the options available to them.

Determine the right fit

Many clients get inspired by AV installations that they might have seen elsewhere and they want the same for their workspace. While that might be possible, you need to assess their factors like their requirements, the conditions, and the total workable area before going ahead with what your client wants. It also pays to tell them beforehand that AV integration is hardly ever a one-size-fits-all project. This helps both the integrator and their clients to set realistic and actionable goals.

A needs analysis is a key part of the equation, helping to determine the right fit for your client and for the facility. The idea is not to decide on individual components, but to be able to collectively visualize the final outcome of the project.

A pre-project sales consultation not only makes for a better understanding of the client requirements, but it also helps you put your best suggestions on the table. This ensures that your clients put their money where it is required to get the best returns on their AV investment. As such, better sales consulting is definitely a positive step towards better projects.

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