apps-and-tools-for-a-byod-classroomBring your own device (BYOD) classrooms are quickly becoming popular in school systems. These programs allow students to use their own devices – iPads, Chromebooks, smartphones, and more – to access materials provided by their teachers and interact with it in various ways that are difficult or impossible to do with traditional methods.

Expand Learning with BYOD Classrooms

To make the most out of BYOD classrooms, teachers should have a variety of tools and applications available, which allows them to present different subjects in memorable but effective ways. Finding applications for teachers isn’t too difficult, but discerning which ones are worth using is a challenge. Here are some of the best apps and tools for BYOD classrooms.

Use BYOD Creation Applications for Successful Integration

These applications allow students to express themselves creatively in a variety of ways. It also makes the learning process much more personal, which means students get the individualized instruction they need. Consider these options.

  • This application allows students to upload digital work, take photos and videos of their creations, and share them. It allows parents and teachers to look at what an individual student is learning and how, and it gives the student an audience for the work.
  • Adobe Spark. This is a suite of tools that contains Spark Video, Spark Page, and Spark Post. Spark Video lets students narrate slides and create videos. With Spark Page, students can create simple web pages, and then use Spark Post for image creation.
  • Drawp for Schools. This program allows teachers to create worksheets and send them to their students’ devices. The students can then interact with the assignment in a variety of ways and return the finished product to the teacher. Teachers can easily distribute homework – without waste – and students have more methods for returning their work, which means a higher rate of success.
  • Teachers have long realized that students learn more when they can share what they know with an audience. With KidBlog, students can create their own blogs quickly and safely and share what they have learned in school with others.
  • Google Apps. Google has several applications that can be useful to BYOD classrooms in various ways. Google Drive allows students to share files and collaborate on projects easily. Students can create a variety of documents with Google Docs. With Google Slides, students create slideshows with many fantastic options.

Offer Creative Presentation Tools and Applications

These programs allow students and teachers to make compelling presentations to the class.

  • Google Slides. With this program, people can create presentations entirely in the cloud, add onto presentations with different tools, and take comments.
  • This app has an infinite canvas for students and teachers to zoom in or out of their presentations forever, giving them unlimited space to fill with photos, videos, comments, etc.
  • The app functions as a two-dimensional animation program and presentation software and allows users to create 2D animated presentations that can be incredibly fun and engaging.

Consider BYOD Collaborative Tools

Any seasoned teacher will tell you that learning is a collaboration. These tools are best for streamlining collaborative efforts between student and teacher or with other students. For any group project, try:

  • With this application, people can upload media to virtual slideshows and others can comment on them. Students can create these observations in audio, text, or video.
  • This tool functions as a virtual corkboard, allowing students to come together in one virtual space to communicate and collaborate. It supports nearly all devices and allows communication via text, photo, or video.

There are a massive number of available tools and applications for teachers to try in their BYOD classrooms. The lists here contain some of the best programs available, but teachers should explore their options and find what works best for them and their students.

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