what-adaptability-means-now-in-the-c-suiteIn today’s tech-driven world, few qualities matter more than adaptability. So what does that mean for the C-suite?

The ability to pivot in response to the markets and with technology marks the difference between companies that survive and those that thrive. The digital transformation requires more than just keeping up with current technology—businesses must shapeshift to rise above their competition. The new definition of adaptability is digital agility. But how can the C-suite encourage this transformation?

Create an Adaptable Infrastructure

Your business, at its core, must embrace the digital transformation. The only certainty in technology is that the future is uncertain—so frame your business infrastructure around that principle. This is a hard concept for many companies to grasp. In fact, research suggests that organizations invest as much as 80 percent of their IT budgets in maintaining legacy systems. This way of thinking must go. Open development, DevOps, open APIs, and data analytics allow enterprises to adapt, so CIOs should lead the charge in making their business infrastructure adaptable.

Focus on five key areas of adaptability: organization, processes, technology, data, and measurement. Since we live in a world of digital Darwinism, take a Darwinian approach: it’s not the biggest or strongest who necessarily survive, but those who are most responsive to change.

Establish a Clear Vision

Though the future of business processes and technology are unclear, there’s one thing about your enterprise that should always be transparent: your vision. If you know where you want your company to go, you will be better equipped to create processes that get it there. According to a recent Gartner survey, only 13 percent of respondents said they knew their next big digital business investment. Almost two-thirds said they didn’t know much about the possibilities of the next generation’s technology.

Digital transformation doesn’t happen from the bottom up; it flows through every level of the enterprise, starting at the C-suite. Articulate a compelling, data-driven digital strategy and vision, and the processes will follow.

Embrace the Notion of Digital Agility

When leaders embrace the digital transformation, the rest of the enterprise follows naturally.

Modern, adaptable business leaders trust one another, show initiative, and embrace taking calculated risks. Those who are satisfied with the status quo won’t thrive—and they might not even survive. Business today requires more than just settling and keeping the pace. Anticipating what’s next is essential to maintaining your digital agility. The C-suite should embody what it means to be agile in the digital age, from hiring adaptable employees to being unafraid to take risks in a volatile market.

Use Big Data to Drive Decision-Making 

A benefit of today’s technology is the massive amount of data it produces. Real-time data and intelligence can do more than inform your current business decisions: it can drive your future technology choices. Use this data to inform your decisions and stay flexible.

Data is key to making your next digital investment. Use it to predict future trends and anticipate which areas in your business are most likely to change. Adjust your digital strategy accordingly.

Adaptability is the watchword for today’s business, whether the markets are friendly or volatile. The notion of agility begins at the C-suite. Executives should set a good example by establishing infrastructure and embodying the qualities that make adaptability possible. Surround your enterprise with adaptable talent, and use data-driven processes—you’ll find your business can weather any storm.

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