Many leaders earnestly believe that a real-life meeting is the optimum means of communication.  No doubt, looking a client directly in the eye, shaking their hand and reading their body language are very important when it comes to bonding and building trust.  Furthermore, the time and expense it takes in traveling to meet a client can send an important message to that client.  However, video conferencing is fast becoming one of the most important and preferred tools in business.  Today’s high-speed Internet, HD cameras and large screen monitors can provide a feeling of intimacy and a sense of reality that rivals being there in person.  In fact, today’s video conferencing software transmits detail in true HD.  As a result, leaders can see, hear, and experience virtually all the cues they’d pick up in a real-life meeting.  Therefore, a job interview, sales demo or collaborative session conducted via video conference, can be every bit as satisfying and productive as a real-life meeting.   Here are five ways that meeting by video rivals meeting in real life:

1)    Time Management:  Video conferencing is a tool that can help business people make better use of their time.  Video conferencing allows business people to meet and collaborate with peers from across the globe without enduring hours of travel time.  This allows business people to spend more time meeting clients and conducting actual business

2)    Productivity:  Using video allows executives to hold more meetings.  By conducting meetings by video conference, today’s business person can avoid congested highways and airport terminals, which allows them to devote far more of their time and attention to meetings and other productive activities.

3)    Cost Savings:  Video conferencing helps companies reduce travel expenses.  Today, it is possible for business people to have face-to-face meetings with peers in different countries, even different continents, all without incurring a dime in travel expenses.

4)    Personal Touch:  Video conferencing helps business people establish a real rapport with their peers, clients and customers.  Put simply, today’s HD video conferencing systems can make participants feel like they are in the same room even if they are oceans apart.

5)    Ease of Use:  Setting up a meeting by a video conference can be as simple and easy as clicking a mouse.  Real-world meetings, of course, can be complicated by many factors: scheduling conflicts, geography, travel costs and travel conditions (to name just a few). In contrast, video conferences are inexpensive and relatively easy to set up.   With video conferencing, a business person never has to leave the office and meetings can be easily set up to meet the scheduling needs of clients, customers and other third parties.

Millennials have embraced video as their preferred medium of communication.  Video conferencing opens up a whole new world of social collaboration.  Thanks to the magic of video technology, creative individuals from across the globe can see and interact with one another in real-time in a virtual workspace.  Video conferencing offers many benefits in terms of cost savings, time management and productivity.  However, its greatest benefit is the unprecedented degree to which it is bringing creative individuals together.

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