Video technology has expanded greatly in recent years. Streaming video is a technique that allows video to be sent in real-time to a variety of machines including tablets, computers, and mobile devices. Here are five ways that businesses are taking advantage of the power of new video technology by using streaming video for corporate communications.

Holding Conferences And Meetings Without More Participants

In business, the development of technology like the Internet has made the world a smaller place. This means that companies are sending more staff members to offices in various locations to get work done. If you or someone at your team needs to hold a meeting with another person that is not physically present, streaming video is a great way to still get a relatively intimate interaction with them.

Broadcasting Public Company Statements

Companies frequently need to send out a message to their audience at large. A good example of this method of using streaming video for corporate communications can be found in the way that Apple broadcasts their conferences and developer events. Last year, Apple broadcasted their Worldwide Developers Conference keynote on the Internet so that people around the world could learn about the announcements the company would be making at the event.

Improving The Quality Of Company Training

What happens if some of the best trainers in your particular field are not located close to where your office is? Use streaming video to host an interactive training session. Your team can still see and interact with the trainer and vice versa. Streaming video can also be recorded and archived so that employees can refer back to it when they need to reinforce the lessons they learned during the training.

Making Customer Service More Responsive

The most prominent example of using streaming video for corporate communications in the customer service field is Amazon’s Mayday button, a feature on the new Kindle Fire HDX tablet that allows users to initiate a video chat with a tech support rep instantly. In June, Tech Times reported that the average response time for the Mayday button was less than ten seconds. Streaming video has the potential to revolutionize the way that corporations provide customer service.

Allowing More Rapid Collaboration

Two people that need to work together on a project but cannot physically be together can now use streaming video to exchange ideas and strategies on how to meet the goals of a project. Tools that go along with video streaming software will often allow for the exchange of documents and other types of files that need to be sent to make collaboration seamless, even if the people involved are across the state or globe.

Using streaming video for corporate communications is becoming very popular for all types of organizations that want to leverage technology to communicate with a larger group of people. From both an internal as well as external perspective, streaming video is a valuable corporate tool because of its ability to improve the way companies communicate and help them to get more done in less time across greater distances.

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